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Get a leg up on summer with 50% off select shorts

Free shipping on all domestic orders over $75.

Workleisure: Head Back to the Office in Comfort

It seems too good to be true. Work and leisure don’t normally go together, let alone combine forces to represent the same idea with equal say. However, it’s not too good to be true. It’s here and here to stay. More than a simple trend, workleisure is a product of a fashion shift in the work environment over the course of time.

It’s a culmination of forward-thinking, creative design, and the fact that a suit and tie feels awfully stiff after working from home in pajamas during quarantine. Workleisure is simply the best of both worlds and it’s available at your fingertips. 

What Is Workleisure?

Workleisure is a clothing style that reinterprets versatile athleisure pieces in such a way that is suitable for the workplace. It’s smart, comfortable, and it’s the new trajectory of clothing for the workplace

When you choose outfits for work assembled around your favorite athleisure garments, you go to work comfortable, stylish, and ready to perform at your best. That’s what athleisure clothes are made for, and they are in no way limited from doing the same in the office. Not to mention you get to wear your favorite clothes more often. 

Workleisure Tops

Elevate Long Sleeve Polo

This multifaceted shirt is a prime example of workleisure. It looks proper in the office, but its performance-driven design is not something you’d find in a typical work polo. The fabric is made with a precise blend of quality materials that result in a stretchy, breathable, and super soft shirt. Oh, and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles or dry cleaning. 

Luxe Fleece Pullover

A well-executed pullover that stands out for its luxury material and funnel neck design, this modern pullover is something women won’t want to take off, even after the working day is done. Wear this with a skirt and flats and you’ll be cozy in your cubicle as you crush the workday. 

Workleisure Bottoms

All Day Every Day Pant

Take the best qualities of sweatpants, jeans, and chinos and put them in one flawless design that you can rock literally anywhere, and this is what you get. This pair of pants may as well be the boss of all other workleisure garments, humbly leading the way into uncharted territories of workplace comfort, confidence, and performance. 

Choose your own waist and inseam for a custom-tailored look, something that’s unheard of among pants with an elastic waistband. They also feature zippered pockets, a faux front fly to up the formality, and luxury performance fabric that will make getting work done comfortable whether you’re at your desk or at the gym. 

Workday Pant

Here is an example of workleisure that takes a traditional design and re-invents it with modern materials and fit to achieve something altogether new. These pants in particular will look similar to the rigid chinos or slacks your coworkers are wearing, but with unmatched comfort and performance that makes them a favorite outside the office as well. 

They feature a classic five-pocket design, complete with belt loops and a zipper fly, but they’re also stretchy, wind-resistant, water-resistant, and have a hidden zipper pocket in the back to secure valuables. They come in five colors, all suitable for work, and a slim fit option as well. 

All Day Every Day Jogger

Joggers are a classic representation of workleisure versatility. The name may seem out of place in a working environment, but don’t be mistaken: joggers have a sleek and neutral silhouette that can be styled for just about any occasion you can think of. 

Men and women can wear joggers with a button-down and they’ll take on the appearance of slim-fitting slacks. Pair this with a jacket that matches the color of your joggers and you’ve got a uniform look that hints at the appearance of a suit. 

Styling joggers with a blouse is a fun way to mix dress with casual and get a perfect balance for the office. Wear a neutral color pair of joggers with a floral, geometric, or striped blouse to show a bit of personality while maintaining a focused and professional look. 

Workleisure Layers


A blazer is a quick way to turn athleisure into workleisure because it is a more formal garment that is common in professional settings. Wear a blazer with joggers and your favorite pants are spiffed up for the office. Wear it over a henley or v-neck and you can do without the traditional button-down for the day. 

Better Than Down Bomber

This contemporary update to a classic design makes for an excellent addition to your workleisure rotation. The bomber jacket is a recognizable silhouette that has origins in WWI. It has since been reinterpreted in several ways and is now a modern-day staple that can cross between style categories easily. This version in particular notes the origin of its design while avoiding the Top-Gun vibes that come along with other bombers. 

Unlike its contemporaries, this bomber jacket will stretch and move along with you. It’s also warm without being bulky. Wear this adaptation of the bomber jacket with a button-down and a pair of oxfords and be sharp and ready for work. Add a solid tie to the outfit and you’ll be tip-top. 


A cardigan is another way to blend business with casual. If you’re still feeling a bit underdressed in joggers and polo, a cardigan is an easy way to tie the outfit together and add some tradition to the mix. Take it off after work and change out your loafers for sneakers and you’re ready to hit the gym on your way home. 

Better Than Down Vest

Everyone should have a warm vest in their closet. It’s a practical and stylish way to add another layer of warmth to any outfit. Put it on over a button-down or under your duster coat to get to work without freezing on those frosty mornings. It’ll keep your core body temperature warm without adding bulk or restricting movement as you conduct your business in the office. 

Workleisure Shoes


Loafers were made for the workleisure category before it was even a thing. The name ‘loafer’ goes hand and hand with the latter half of workleisure. But loafers are also a classic style of footwear, often made from the same leather materials used in other dressy shoes.

Like the pieces that make up your workleisure catalog, loafers tend to take on the characteristics of whatever you wear them with. You can wear them with a suit. You can also wear them with jeans. In this case, you should wear them with one of the bottoms mentioned above. That pairing will always go together and is easy to finish off with a collared shirt of any kind, or a blouse or cami. 


Sneakers go with workleisure without a doubt, but that doesn’t mean that they’re ready for every office place. While workplaces are continually becoming more lenient and casual with dress codes, sneakers are still too informal for some offices. If you’re not sure, check around your office and see if any of your coworkers are rocking sneakers before you do. 

If you do wear sneakers to work, it’s best to stick with a minimal, classic silhouette. Leather is a good bet, preferably in white as this is the most classic, neutral, and versatile style of sneaker. 

If you wear sneakers with joggers you may need to add some additional formality to your outfit to make it office-ready. Go with something like a button-down and blazer in this case. Alternatively, you can wear sneakers and a collarless shirt with a traditional suit set. A solid crew neck is a go-to miss for easygoing suit-wearing vibes. 

The New Direction of Office Attire

Workleisure is the new direction of office attire. It is accommodating not only in the comfort it offers but in the way it caters to a healthy and on-the-go lifestyle. A huge part of fashion choices comes down to comfort and how often you’ll wear it. Why have office-goers opted for stiff clothing for so long? Head back to work comfortable and confident in new workleisure clothing.