Hit the fairway with three new Dealmaker Pants colors

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Hit the fairway with three new Dealmaker Pants colors

Free shipping on all domestic orders over $75.

Polo Styles: Get To Know Our Polos

Let’s be honest. We all have a stereotype that comes to mind when we think about the polo shirt. Whether it’s that frat boy from college with the polo and the popped collar or the golfer’s getup that passes the country club dress code. Nevertheless, we’re here to show you why the polo shirt is so much more than we give it credit for, from short-sleeve to long-sleeve. 

Origin of the Polo Shirt

The polo shirt met its humble beginning as part of the polo uniform. Paired with jodhpur riding pants and full-length riding boots, players would sport a long sleeve cotton shirt with a collar. This collar would typically be secured with buttons to prevent them from getting undone in the wind. 

This sport can be traced back to 19th century India. It was brought back to the U.K. by British military men who were stationed in Manipur, India, thus beginning the renown of the polo shirt. 

The Polo: An Essential Shirt

The polo shirt is timeless, remaining reliable throughout all the twists, turns, and trends of modern day fashion. The polo is essential for every man’s wardrobe because of its simplicity and ability to spiff up any outfit. Try swapping your cotton T-shirt out with a classic polo shirt for a more sophisticated touch. 


The polo shirt has evolved to include more choices of fabric. This has given the polo shirt greater versatility, with different fabrics for different occasions. 

Pique Cotton

Pique cotton is the original polo fabric. It is typically what comes to mind when someone mentions this shirt. Pique cotton is a heavier and thicker material than most. It is characterized by a checkerboard-like stitch that results in a raised texture. 


  • This fabric is known to hide any imperfections because it doesn’t cling to the body like some thinner fabrics.

  • Pique cotton is the classic polo fabric and adds a more formal look. 


  • Pique cotton is more of a heavyweight material so it does not have great breathability as compared to performance fabrics.

  • Pique cotton is stiffer than other fabrics and may not be ideal for tennis shirts or golfers’ shirts. 

Although pique cotton is the original polo fabric, there are other fabric options that will still add the same element of style to your appearance. 

Cotton Blends

Cotton blends typically provide for a more comfortable experience. Athletic polos are typically made from these blends which often include polyester and spandex. 


  • Polos made from cotton blends are typically softer and more comfortable.

  • Due to the lightweight fabric, this material is more breathable and better for increased activity, like on tennis courts or in a polo match.


  • This fabric is thinner and molds more to the curvature of the body, revealing any imperfections. 

Buttoned or Unbuttoned?

The polo is characterized by its collar and buttons. When it comes to wearing this classic style, is it more accepted to button all of the buttons or leave them undone? Similar to the question of whether to tuck your polo in or leave it untucked, buttoning your polo is dependent on the style you are creating. The more buttons you leave undone, the more casual your outfit will look. However, leaving every button undone can create a sloppy look. 

For a neat and tidy appearance, some choose to fasten every button. Although buttoning your polo creates a more formal look, buttoning it completely can be restricting. 

A general rule of thumb when it comes to buttoning your polo is to leave the top one or two buttons undone. 

Offerings From Public Rec

At Public Rec, we offer a spin-off of your average polo shirt. Each of our three polo styles has details that elevate them over the competition. Let’s take a closer look at each polo and how to style them. 

Go-To Polo

The Go-To Polo is your perfect choice for everyday wear. Its unique features set it apart from others of its kind. 

TENCEL Fibers: The Go-To Polo is made from a cotton blend with 8% spandex and 23% TENCEL fibers. These fibers are a mix of lyocell and modal fibers and are made from raw material wood.  For those environmentally conscious individuals, this is the shirt for you. 

The lyocell fibers are especially gentle on the skin and effective for wicking away moisture. The modal fibers create a soft and luxurious experience. Not only is this polo environmentally friendly but it is comfortable for long-term wear. 

Wrinkle-Resistant: Forget the iron or the steamer and the constant worry that your shirt has become less than presentable in the chaos of the day. The Go-To Polo is crafted with material that is meant to keep away those stubborn wrinkles that lead to sloppy appearances. 

Moisture-Wicking: The fibers in this polo are built to wick away any sign of moisture. This means you’re protected from those embarrassing sweat stains. Are those approaching deadlines at work bringing you stress? Or maybe your job has you staying active. Don’t sweat it; the Go-To Polo has you covered. 

Breathable: The cotton blend material of the Go-To Polo makes it a great layering piece. When it comes to your first layer, you want to choose something that is lightweight and breathable. This prevents trapping body heat as you add layers to your look. 

Contrast Placket: Not only is the Go-To Polo offered in a variety of colors but it also includes a contrast placket. The opening slit at the collar of the polo is a contrasting color from the overall color of the shirt. This adds dimension and a touch of flair to the shirt. 

Styling Your Go-To Polo

The polo, along with other essential shirts, is a great layering piece. From the golf course to the office, this shirt will have you looking sharp. Let’s take a look at how to style your Go-To Polo. 

As a Standalone: The polo shirt is a classier version of the cotton T-shirt with the same comfort. The collar and placket create a more formal appearance that is acceptable for office wear. Pair your Go-To Polo with jeans for a casual Friday feeling or with chinos to add some flare to your fit. 

The Go-To Polo is a great standalone option for those warmer months. With its cotton and spandex blend, it can easily transition from workday apparel to more athletic settings. 

Whether or not you choose to tuck or untuck your polo depends on the look you are hoping to create. For more formal occasions, like the office, tuck in your polo entirely or just enough to reveal the front of your belt. Leave your polo untucked for more casual occasions. 

With a Blazer: Don’t let the cold weather stop you from sporting your favorite polo styles. A blazer is a great way to layer on top of a polo. Adding a touch more professionalism and an extra layer of warmth, the blazer is a great option for those colder months. 

With a Suit

Depending on the occasion, you may be looking for an ensemble that is well tied together and elevated without being black-tie formal. Pairing a polo with a suit creates a harmonious look and a casual touch. 

From formal to casual occasions, the polo has you covered. Easily dressed up or down, it is a versatile clothing necessity for every man’s closet. 

Elevate Polo

The Elevate Polo and the Elevate Long Sleeve Polo are great athleisure polos. If you live a more active lifestyle or are an athlete, these Elevate Polos are for you. 

PROTX2 Fabric: These polos are crafted with 87% PROTX2 with a mix of spandex and polyester. PROTX2 provides anti-bacterial and anti-odor technology. It stops odor at the source, rather than just masking it. 

Take to the golf course or tennis court or embark on your next travel adventure knowing this fabric is built to endure the toughest of odors. 

Relaxed, Athletic Fit: The relaxed, athletic fit of the Elevate Polo makes it the best option for athleisure wear or athletic activity. Whether you frequent the golf course or just enjoy the look of a sporty polo, the Elevate Polo is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Neutral Color Palette: Neutral colors are the best for layering and an essential for every wardrobe. It is important to own those basics that can pair well with any outfit. Offered in black, oat, and grey, the Elevate Polo is sure to make all your layering dreams come true. 

Long Sleeve Option: The Elevate Polo is offered in a long sleeve and a short sleeve option. Keep up with the changing seasons without sacrificing style. Bring out the Elevate Long Sleeve Polo for the colder months while the Elevate Polo is a classic option for the spring and summer months. 

Styling Your Elevate Polo

The Elevate Polo is a great sport polo making it a wonderful athleisure piece as well as a great activewear shirt.

With Joggers: If you are opting for athleisure attire, meaning your goal is loungewear that is stylish enough to hit the streets, you can opt to pair your Elevate Polo with joggers. Joggers provide great comfort and breathability while still looking fashionable. 

Try the All Day Every Day Jogger from Public Rec. These joggers come with a faux front fly adding a more formal appearance. This pairs well with the casual yet sophisticated look of the Elevate Polo. Pair this outfit with your favorite pair of sneakers and you have the perfect outfit for your day off.

With Dress Shorts: The Elevate Polo is the perfect choice for any golf enthusiast. Tucked into dress shorts and finished off with a belt, this polo is a great choice for a round of golf. After experiencing the odor-wicking fabric and breathability of the Elevate Polo, you’ll never again need to search for the right golf polo. 

With Sweats: This style choice is referred to as sports luxe. This trend is created by pairing more formal pieces like the polo with your casual loungewear. Similar to athleisure wear, this style finds the intersection between comfortable and trendy. Pair the Elevate Polo with The Weekend Jogger to achieve this look. 


How Do You Choose Your Polo Fabric? Polos are typically made from one of two fabrics. Pique cotton is the original polo fabric and is characterized by a parallel stitch that adds texture to the shirt. This fabric is typically more heavyweight with a more formal appearance. The other fabric choice is a cotton blend. This is typically more lightweight and breathable with a more casual look. 

Should You Tuck in Your Polo? Whether or not to tuck in your polo is most often based on the occasion. Polos look best tucked in with formal looks. When paired with chinos or a blazer for office wear, you should tuck in your polo. You can leave your polo untucked for a casual look with joggers or jeans. 

What To Pair the Go-To Polo With? The Go-To Polo looks great as a standalone shirt and can be paired with anything from chinos to jeans. The Go-To Polo is business casual and looks great paired with a blazer or a suit as well. 

What To Pair With The Elevate Polo? The Elevate Polo is a performance polo built for a more active lifestyle. With fabric that is built with anti-odor and moisture-wicking technology, this polo is built to protect you from sweat. Pair this polo with joggers for an athleisure outfit or with dress shorts or trousers for an outfit that is ready for the golf course. 

Wrapping It Up

Short sleeve polos or long sleeve polo shirts are essential clothing pieces that every man should own. The polo is a staple piece that can easily replace a cotton T-shirt, making any outfit more formal. This style can be used to create a layered look or worn on its own. At Public Rec, we offer a spin-off of the old classic. With the same great style of a classic polo yet made from materials that withstand moisture and odor, the Go-To Polo and Elevate Polo are must-own polos this season.