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Hit the fairway with three new Dealmaker Pants colors

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On-the-Go Clothing: 6 Pieces for Easy Packing

If you’re someone who loves packing, gets it done way ahead of time, and has no trouble deciding exactly what you need and how to fit it into your suitcase, good for you. Appreciate your gift. For the rest of us, packing inevitably comes with some level of anxiety trying to figure out what to bring and a nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something. 

For that reason, this guide has selected six pieces, for men and women, that will make for smart packing and ensure you’re prepared for your trip. Before getting into specific items that you should include in their suitcase, we’ll go over the key to efficient packing and how you can achieve it. 

The Key to Efficient Packing

The key to efficient packing doesn’t require a fancy suitcase. It’s not about packing items that fold inside themselves and leave a minute footprint. Efficient packing is really about choosing items that you know you’ll wear more than once. Here are three tips for identifying items that will serve you on your trip more than once. 

Basic and Neutral

Basic, neutral clothing helps with packing efficiency because it will go with anything. If you stick to minimal cuts and solid, neutral colors, everything you bring with you will complement one another. This allows you to create multiple different outfits out of just a few items. 

Basics can also be worn frequently without raising the question, “Didn’t you wear that yesterday?” For example, a solid t-shirt isn’t as noticeable as a graphic t-shirt if you happen to wear it twice on your trip. If you’ve wondered about repeating outfits, this resource may be helpful for you. 

On the same note, statement pieces are inefficient for packing. You may love your leopard print jacket or checkerboard pants, but those types of items are much more difficult to coordinate with other items and probably aren’t ideal for wearing more than once on the same trip. 


Multi-purpose items are pieces that you can wear in more than one context. For example, you can wear fleece joggers to bed, around town, and into the hotel gym. You can use a  t-shirt the same way. 

By packing clothing that will serve more than one purpose, you’ll end up bringing less clothing overall. On the other hand, items that serve a singular purpose, like a bathrobe, might be best to leave behind. 

Multiple Wears

Whenever possible, you want to get more than one wear out of an item of clothing. Some items are easier than others for this task. Pants, for example, should be able to see at least two or three wears. Shirts with antimicrobial fabric will stay fresh for more than one wear; they’re a cheat code when it comes to packing light. 

If you plan on exercising on your trip, and laundry isn’t part of the plan, try to get a few wears out of an item of clothing before you wear it to the gym. This will save space in the long run. Some people advocate wearing clothing more than once before washing to save water, energy, money, and extend the life of your clothing. 

Athleisure clothing is the perfect style to make this happen. It’s minimal, versatile, and made from comfortable performance fabrics. More so than any other type of clothing, athleisure will help you pack efficiently to get multiple uses, multiple wears, and easy styling combinations out of everything you pack. 

Items for Easy Packing

Here are items that follow the key to efficient packing. Along with each item are suggestions for how to wear it on your trip and what makes it an ideal choice to include in your suitcase. 

For Men

Elevate Crew: This t-shirt appears basic but is anything but. It’s made from a technical fabric that includes antimicrobial properties. Wear this soft and breathable shirt more than once on your trip and it will stay fresh, once by itself, once under a jacket, and again for exercise. 

All Day Every Day Pant: These extraordinary pants can be worn in place of jeans, sweatpants, or chinos. When it comes to packing a bag, that’s a three for one. Extremely versatile and comfortable, you wouldn’t want to travel without them. 

Crosstown Bomber: You need to bring a jacket with you when you travel. This modern take on the bomber jacket is classy and practical. With zippered pockets, it’s perfect for securing your belongings and documents during travel. It looks great over any shirt and can be dressed up or down accordingly. 

Elevate Long Sleeve: A long sleeve t-shirt is underrated when it comes to packing for a trip. You never know about the climate you’re heading to—not just the weather, but the establishments you’ll be visiting as well. A long-sleeve tee is easy to wear on its own and also great for layering. This long sleeve also happens to be made from antimicrobial fabric, meaning it’ll stand up to multiple wears without accumulating odor. 

Go-To V: If you’re packing a bag full of basics, a v-neck is a stylish choice to throw in the mix. It will add variety to the other crewnecks that you bring along with you. v-necks are also great for layering undershirts or jackets. You can wear a v-neck under a button down without it peaking out near the top buttons, or under an open jacket to add subtle detail. 

Elevate Polo: Pack this polo made with antimicrobial fabric for an option that you can wear to meetings, to dinner, or to the golf course. Style it under a sweater or jacket, or wear it by itself. Since you’re packing light, you’ll probably wear it both ways during your trip. It also comes in a long-sleeve option

For Women

Essential Tee: You can’t leave for a trip without an essential t-shirt. Or three. You can wear them as part of any outfit, for any occasion. Bring a white one, a black one, and a color. You can’t go wrong with a solid t-shirt. 

Luxe Fleece Crew: This crewneck sweatshirt gives the appearance of a basic sweatshirt but with the feeling and attention to detail that’s only found in luxury wear. It’ll keep you cozy as you watch movies in your hotel room and compliment your outfit the next day as you go out and make the absolute most of your trip. 

All Day Jogger: Joggers can be styled in so many different ways these days. You can go for the athletic look, of course, but can just as well style it for a street outfit or even for a night out. Bring a dark pair of these high-waisted joggers in your suitcase and you could easily find a way to wear them every day of your trip if need be. 

Luxe Fleece Jogger: You’ll be giddy with comfort every time you pull on these cozy joggers. They are next-level soft and comfortable and can be worn with a range of footwear and tops, depending on how you want to style them. 

All Day Jacket: You have to bring a jacket on your trip, so you might as well bring one that will be versatile no matter how you want to style it or what the forecast is. This versatile jacket is a balanced blend of sporty and casual. You can wear it zipped up or down to get multiple looks out of it. Depending on where you’re going, it could be the one and only jacket you need for your trip. 

Luxe Fleece Short: To bed with an oversized t-shirt, for a morning jog, or for an afternoon of window shopping, these soft shorts might be your go-to on your next trip. Especially if you’re heading someplace where the sun is shining and you can catch up on some comfortable leisure activities. 

Pack Your Next Bag With Easy Efficiency

Packing a bag is a lot easier and less stressful with a simple plan that you know will work. Sticking to neutral-colored basics that can serve multiple purposes and be worn more than once is the key to efficient packing. Athleisure clothing is versatile, comfortable, and practical for traveling and whatever you do once you get to your destination. 

Next time you’re heading out of town, keep these tips in mind and you should have no problem packing like a pro and looking sharp throughout your trip.