Hit the fairway with three new Dealmaker Pants colors

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Hit the fairway with three new Dealmaker Pants colors

Free shipping on all domestic orders over $75.

Men's Wardrobe Essentials: 13 Must-Have Items

There’s a lot to benefit from keeping a well-curated wardrobe. It’s not just about style, although a refined personal style is certainly one of the benefits. Along with that, a well-selected wardrobe will essentially organize itself, make choosing outfits quick and enjoyable, and ensure that everything you put on adds value to your day. With the right clothes in your closet, you’ll notice a boost in comfort and confidence as you walk out the door each morning.

Refining and organizing your closet is practical and conducive to a healthy and productive lifestyle. Since clothing is something we deal with every single day, why not look to improve and organize it like we’d like to do with all areas of our lives? These 13 wardrobe essentials are a solid start. 


1. Pants

Black Pants: Everyone needs black pants in their wardrobe, it’s a non-negotiable. Black pants are classy and versatile. They’re slimming, can be worn with any color, and never look out of place. These All Day Every Day Pants in black are the perfect pair to wear, as the name suggests, basically anywhere. They’ll keep up as you transition from the office straight to dinner or to the gym with a simple change of top and footwear. They’re designed for a modern, on-the-go lifestyle, complete with four-way stretch and zippered pockets that bring a subtle tech performance to everyday wear. For a more traditional pair of black pants, go with the Work Day Pant 2.0. This pair has a classic five-pocket design complete with belt loops, but with a modern stretch and water-resistant fabric. It’s a smart and stylish look that will change your idea of work attire. Also available in a slim-fit design
Khaki Pants: Sure, khaki pants may have gotten a bad rap over the years. Some view khaki pants as boring and associate them being worn within the confines of an office cubicle. But a modern version of khaki pants offers a look, fit, and performance that breaks out of the mold you’re trying to avoid.The All Day Every Day khakis give a nod to the classic office pants while bringing style and comfort that runs the race from the front. The Workday Pant 2.0 and Workday Pant Slim come in dark khaki as well as sand and will achieve the same neutral vibes with a cutting-edge fit and feel. 
Grey Pants: Grey pants are another wardrobe essential that has a place in every man’s closet. Grey provides a neutral base to any outfit that will take on the characteristics of whatever you pair it with. The cool and effortless quality that grey pants bring with them makes them a smart choice that you’ll wear often. Keep in mind there are many shades of grey. Fog grey pants are a light-colored base that will balance well with bright colors. Slate grey is a mid-range tone that pairs well with other neutral tones. Stone grey is found on a darker and cooler part of the spectrum and will pop with complementary colors or blend in well with cooler shades for a subtle style. 
Navy Pants: Navy pants are a wardrobe essential for men because while it’s a color and not a neutral shade, it’s still adaptable and classic. Wear this with lighter shades of blue for a cool and calming spectrum, or with grey and white for a classic, work inspired look. 
Colored Pants: Colors don’t have to be limited to tops and jackets. Wearing colored pants shows a sense of personal style that will stand out and receive tons of compliments. Brightly colored pants are difficult to pull off. Colors like burgundy, olive, and moss are a fun alternative that show some flair without dominating your appearance. 

2. Joggers

All Day Every Day Jogger: If you’re looking for a pair of joggers you can wear instead of jeans or chinos, this is the pair. They’re made from a blend of fabric that is both flexible and durable while maintaining a casual appearance. They feature a faux front fly for a formal look and a tapered athletic cut. 
Weekend Jogger: Part of a smart and refined wardrobe is having pieces with multiple uses. Everyone needs a pair of cozy pants to throw on after a long day out, but those old sweats from high school are very limited in terms of what they can offer outside the house. These ultra cozy joggers are perfect for the couch, the weekend, and your casual around town outfits. 
Stadium Joggers: Ultra-light and super stretchy, these are the ideal joggers for warming up or cooling down and weekend recovery. These joggers are essential for guys on the fitness grind. They’ll be your favorite workout pants and complement your healthy lifestyle on rest days as well. 

3. Shorts

Every guy needs shorts in their wardrobe for the same three reasons: fitness and swimming, hot weather, and lounging. The key to keeping your style up while wearing shorts is to wear the right shorts for the right occasion.

All Day Every Day Short:** You can wear these shorts to the gym. You can also wear them casually without looking like you came from the gym. Wherever you rock these shorts you can be confident that you’re going in style and ready for anything.

Flex Short:** These are the ultimate workout and swimming shorts. Lightweight, breathable, stretchy, and quick-drying, they are up for any challenge you take on. They are made for every movement you make and will secure your belongings with a discreet zipper pocket. 

Workday Short:** If your office allows shorts, these are the ones. They’ve got a classic design with belt loops and a hidden zipper in the back pocket. The flexible material makes them great for golf as well. 

Weekend Short:** These are your favorite shorts for lounging. They have a relaxed fit and are made from a pima cotton blend that will ensure you are as comfortable as can be. Wear these any time relaxation is a priority and they will help get you there. 

4. Underwear

A lot of guys overlook the importance of their underwear choice. Yeah, it may not be quite as fun or help with your sense of personal style, but it’s something you wear everyday and has a lot to say about how comfortable you are. 

If you like underwear that is shorter in length, try the Barely There Boxer Trunk. If you prefer a longer fit, go with the Barely There Boxer Brief. Both are made from a precise blend of micro modal and spandex that will be comfortable all day long, workouts included. 


Stock your closet with a variety of basic tops that are well executed and you will always have the right option to go with your outfit of the day. 

5. T-Shirts

Crew Neck: A basic crew can stand on its own and is also ideal for layering under jackets, blazers, and sweaters. Choose quality here, because you wear them all the time and don’t want your t-shirts quickly fading or falling apart. Keep a crew neck made from performance, antimicrobial fabric for running and workouts. 
V-Neck: A v-neck tee adds a bit of character to your basic t-shirt choices. It’s another classic style with an aesthetic and sporty look. A bonus that comes with the v-neck is that you can wear it under a button-up without it showing underneath. 

6. Henleys

Keeping henleys in your wardrobe is a fantastic way to show versatility and attention to detail in your outfits. If you’re someone who wears t-shirts most days, mix up your basic tee with a henley every once in a while. It can be worn the same way but adds a bit of sophistication in the mix. It’s also great as a casual stand-in for polo shirts. 

7. Polos

Right between the basic t-shirt and the button down, a polo is an essential item for a man's wardrobe that has the versatility of being worn both casually and in more formal settings. It can be worn with pants or shorts, or worn under a jacket or blazer depending on how dressy you want to be. For golf and tennis, look no further than this Elevate Polo

8. Button Downs

Chances are you already have several button downs in your closet, but you probably don’t have one with the versatility and performance of this Stretch Thermal Button Down. This shirt stands apart from any shirt it hangs next to in the closet. It’s warm (designed with special tech to keep it warm without adding bulk), stretchy, soft, and can be worn just as easily by itself as it can under an additional layer. Definitely an essential for the colder months, because there’s absolutely no replacement for it. 

9. Sweatshirts

A sweatshirt is another wardrobe essential that comes in several flavors. It’s also another piece that’s easy to miss on. Keep a few good sweatshirts, know how you want to wear them, and you’ll be ready to go anytime the temperature drops. 

Weekend Half Zip:** A half zip is like the polo of hoodies; it can be worn casually, to the office, or to the golf course, depending on what you wear with it. Wear a collared shirt underneath it to dress it up. Wear a t-shirt and joggers with it to keep it warm and casual. 

Weekend Full Zip:** The full zip is the go-to sweatshirt that you grab off the hook on the way out the door. It’s easy to throw on with whatever you happen to be wearing. It’ll keep you warm, has zipper pockets to secure your things, and a hood for the chilly weather. 

Weekend Crew:** A well executed crewneck sweatshirt is an understated luxury. There’s nothing simpler and more comfortable than a well-fitting crew neck sweatshirt made from the perfect blend of soft and warm fabric that moves the way you do. 

Go-To Hoodie:** This lightweight hoodie is ready for workouts and cool morning jogs. Its a look by itself, but also makes an excellent layer to wear under a jacket that’s missing a hood. 

Politan Hoodie:** A modern, athletic fitting hoodie with an oversized hood, slight v-neck cut, and kangaroo pockets. If someone asks to borrow a sweatshirt, this is what they’re hoping for. There’s no arguing it qualifies as an essential. 


When it comes to outerwear, again, you’ll want to keep essentials that you’ll wear in more than one context. To keep it simple, think about having at least one light jacket and one warmer jacket for when the temperature drops. Sticking to neutral colors is best because it ensures it will match with everything else in your wardrobe. 

10. Jackets

All Day Every Day Jacket: Great for workouts, travel, and everything else on your agenda, this jacket works just as hard as you do. It features a full length zipper and three zippered pockets for a technical look and function that won’t let down. 

Better Than Down Bomber: The bomber jacket is the style that everyone is wearing in 2021. It’s coveted by fans of streetwear enthusiasts, working professionals, and everyone in between. What makes this particular jacket even better is the 3M Thinsulate technology that keeps a slim profile while still being super warm, and is good for the environment as well. 

Brave The Elements Shell: A shell layer is a favorite essential of anyone who might find themself facing the elements. It’s a light layer with a collapsible hood that will protect you from wind and rain and can easily be stored in your daypack or golf bag just in case.

Crosstown Bomber: A light jacket with classic bomber fit and style. Great for cool evenings and dressing up for the office alike. A zippered chest pocket makes it ideal for travel and securing your technology. 

11. Vests

A vest may not seem essential until you’ve worn one. It can be worn over a hoodie or long sleeve, or under a jacket. You’ll always have the right amount of layers if you incorporate the Better Than Down Vest into your outfit. 


12. Bags

Guys who get things done need a place for their tools. A functional bag that doesn't make you look like you’re going for a hike or waiting for the school bus is essential for a man’s wardrobe. 

Pro Pack and Pro Pack Plus: These backpacks are made for the modern working professional. They’ve got all the bells and whistles while maintaining a smooth, minimal look. The Pro Pack has everything you need for trips to work, and the Pro Pack Plus is the ideal backpack for travel. It’s a large bag and has a zipper pocket for shoes.

Pro Weekender: This weekender bag is a modern bag with classic styling for the traveling professional. Pack your curated wardrobe into this bag that compliments your style and you’ll be as ready for your trip as you’ve ever been before.

13. Hats

For some guys hats are essential, and for others, they’re not. You know where you stand. If you are a hat guy, pick out a classic style hat in a neutral color and you can top any outfit you put on. 

A Complete Essential Wardrobe

It’s a great feeling to have a wardrobe full of quality essentials. It’ll make organizing your closet and picking out clothes for the day fun and easy. Everything will go with everything, and your styling combinations will be essentially endless.