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Hit the fairway with three new Dealmaker Pants colors

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Joggers in Winter: A Women's Styling Guide

Winter is getting colder by the day, forcing you to change your outfit rotation. Some parts of this are fun. For example, you get to wear your favorite coat that’s been in the closet since last February. You get to discover the perfect layering combinations for your jackets and sweaters. 

But what about pants? Is there an option that is altogether cozy, versatile, and fashionable? Joggers are the go-to choice for women this winter, and there are many ways to wear them for both warmth and style. 

Styling Joggers in Winter

Start With the Right Joggers

Yes, this article is about how joggers are the perfect pants for women to wear throughout the winter, and how they can be styled in a number of different ways that ensure you will be warm and comfortable wherever the winter season finds you. However, in order to achieve this, you have to start with the right pair of joggers. 

Not all joggers are created equal. For the winter months, you want a pair of joggers that will actually keep you warm. Thin cotton or polyester joggers won’t stand up to the weather. You’ll thank yourself for getting a luxurious pair of butter soft and supremely cozy fleece joggers. It’s worth it, especially since you’ll be wearing them inside and outside the house all winter long. 

If you’re planning on staying active this winter, you might also want to grab a pair of joggers with a compression fit to improve muscle performance and recovery. 

Matching Sweatshirt and Joggers Are a Perfect Blank Canvas for Coats

Wearing a matching sweatshirt and pair of joggers is a look on its own. We know about it in the gym, and how cozy it is for binge-watching your favorite shows, but it also makes a monochromatic canvas that is a perfect canvas for layering your favorite coats. Start with a cropped hoodie and high-waisted joggers, and then throw a longer outer layer over it to achieve a look that plays with variations of length in a unique way. 

You can also match your joggers with a funnel neck pullover and wear a denim or chore jacket as your outer layer. This layering option will allow the collar of your sweatshirt to peak above the outer layer to show dimension and attention to detail. 

Of course, you can’t go wrong matching your joggers with a classic crew cut sweatshirt. This streamlined look will handle anything you choose to layer over it and will stand on its own as well. 

Warm Colors To Go With Your Warm Drink and Warm Personality

The weather may get dreary, but you don’t have to succumb to it with your outfit choices. Wearing warm colors in winter is a fun way to help cut through the bite of the cold. 

Choose your warm colors carefully, though. You don’t want to jump straight into spring prematurely. Save the bright orange, yellow, and reds for when the weather gets warmer. Instead, opt for colors like sage, ivory, and mauve. These options are more subtle and believable when it comes to spreading warmth in the middle of winter.  

These colors make a great choice for joggers and sweaters, creating a warm, monochromatic canvas (as mentioned above) to wear with darker outerwear. 

Outer Layers To Wear With Joggers

Cropped Style Jacket: Compliment the slimming and neutral silhouette of your joggers with a cropped leather or denim jacket. This will be especially flattering with high-waisted joggers. The leather or denim jacket will also show a range of texture and material, adding to the soft and luxurious qualities of your joggers as a rugged counterpoint. 

Knit Sweater: Pairing a knit sweater with your joggers will stick to the cozy theme while mixing up the material and pattern of your outfit. Try a cable knit sweater to accent with texture above your smooth joggers. If you’re into festive sweaters, joggers make the perfect neutral companion that lets your wild sweater shine. Go for solid black joggers to make the colors of your holiday sweater pop. 

Trench Coat: A trench coat is another way to mix styles with your cozy joggers. Wearing joggers with your trench coat makes the structured, traditional style coat something that you can wear in a casual setting. The tapered cut and cuffed hem of your joggers will sit nicely in the long trail of your coat. 

Puffer: The puffer coat is a warm option for the winter and looks best with a slimming counterpoint in the outfit. Joggers are great to pair with this kind of bulky coat. Together, they create a dynamic silhouette that you see all the time on the runway. Wear this outfit with a pair of winter boots for some cute pics as the snow floats down. 

Outstyle the Winter With Joggers

The cold that comes with the winter means we wear more layers and warmer clothing. Fortunately, joggers are both warm and adaptable for any combination of layers that you wear with them in order to keep warm. They’ll keep you warm whether you’re exercising in them, dressing them for the office, or wearing them out and about in the frigid air. 

Joggers are the perfect companion for your favorite winter coats, ideal for matching with sweatshirts for layering, and can even be worn to bed for a cozy night’s sleep. Make sure you have a proper pair of joggers for this winter season, and you’ll have no problem staying both warm and stylish throughout the cold months.