Hit the fairway with three new Dealmaker Pants colors

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Hit the fairway with three new Dealmaker Pants colors

Free shipping on all domestic orders over $75.

Athleisure Gifts: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here and most of us are behind with our holiday shopping. It can be overwhelming deciding what to get for this person and that person. And what about the people who already seem to have everything, what on earth do you get them? Fortunately, there is a simple solution to be found in the universal clothing trend of athleisure. 

A good piece of athleisure attire is a sure-fire hit. It’s a gift that speaks for itself through the quality, comfort, and versatility you get out of it. Whether or not they know it at the time, your friends will be unwrapping their new favorite piece of clothing. It’s a gift that will last a long time and see lots of use. 

The quality materials and meticulous design will ensure an optimal fit. The styling is sleek, minimal, and can be worn just about anywhere you can possibly think of. If you have people in mind, these athleisure gifts have them in mind too.

Athleisure Gifts for Men

All Day Every Day Pant

If you could only wear one pair of pants for the rest of your life, this is the pair to choose. They can go with you wherever you go and do whatever you do. Not to mention they’re more comfortable than every other pair of pants in your wardrobe. 

You can wear them instead of sweatpants, yet you’re also able to wear them in lieu of jeans or chinos. They’re in a category of their own and truly are the all-day everyday pant that makes a gift unlike they’ve ever opened before. 

With 11 different color choices, you can get a different pair for all your best friends and one for yourself. Made of a nylon and spandex blend, they’re flexible but with a professional finish. They feature zipper front pockets to keep your belongings secure as you face whatever the day holds. To work, to the gym, to the golf course, on a plane: anywhere these pants are worn ensure the wearer is comfortable, stylish, and ready to take on the day. 

Choose from nine core colors, and keep an eye out for new seasonal colors every few months.

$98, Get It Here

Workday Pant 2.0

These workday pants feature a classic five-pocket design complete with belt loops and a zipper fly. Based on this alone, they’re a common find—except they’re not. They’re stretchier and more comfortable than any pair of jeans or dress pants you’ve ever worn. 

The modern cut can be easily dressed up or worn casually. The stretchy material makes them the ideal pair of pants to take out on the golf course where you’ll look and perform at your best. 

Choose from five colors. 

$128, Get It Here

All Day Every Day Short

These shorts are ready for any kind of physical or athletic activity, but you can also wear them casually and be comfortable without looking like you just came from a CrossFit competition. Men need these shorts. The alternatives are either too gym-y or too stiff. Shorts are usually meant for comfort and performance, but the fact that you can actually style these shorts is a bonus that isn’t found anywhere else.

Choose from eight colors. 

$68, Get It Here

Go-To Crew

A quality t-shirt is a gift that keeps on giving. They’ll wear it time after time and be able to incorporate it into any number of different outfits for every occasion. Offered in eight different colors, the Go-To Crew is made of a premium blend that is soft, breathable, stretchy, durable, and won’t fade. A plain t-shirt has never been so exciting to unwrap. 

Choose from eight colors. Comes in short and long sleeves. 

$54, Get It Here 

Better Than Down Bomber

A great jacket will keep you warm, dry, and boost your confidence with the style that comes with it. This is the one. 

The Better Than Down Bomber makes use of the classic bomber style, adding 3M Thinsulate technology that is not only warm but sustainable for the environment. Zippered front pockets and an interior chest pocket are ideal for keeping belongings secure and dry. 

Choose from black or navy. 

$188, Get It Here

Elevate Long Sleeve Polo

A long-sleeve polo is an excellent gift because of its wearability and unique design. This polo is far from the striped rugby-type shirt you might have in your head. It’s a lightweight, antimicrobial material that keeps you cool and odor-free. It’s buttery soft but up for a challenge. 

It’s the perfect layer for travel days and golf, as well as wearing it into the office or casually around town. Comes in heather oat, heather black, and heather steel. Also available as a short sleeve polo. 

Choose from heather oat, heather black, and heather steel. 

$88, Get It Here

Go-To Hoodie

Sweatshirts make great holiday gifts because they’re in season. This lightweight hoodie can be worn with or without a shirt underneath. It’s made from a pima cotton, tencel, and spandex blend, which means it is soft, wrinkle-free, and breathable. 

Know anyone who loves the hoodie-under-jacket look? This is the gift for them. Since it’s thin and breathable, it’s the perfect layer to wear under a bomber or denim jacket. 

Choose from seven colors.

$78, Get It Here

Flex Short

For the guy who is casual but lowkey does everything. This performance short is flexible and quick-drying, ready to run, swim, or simply wear and know that not only are you comfortable, but you’re also prepared for it all. 

Choose from six colors.

$68, Get It Here

Weekend Full Zip

A full-zip hoodie is a classic casual staple. It’s both practical and nostalgic. A full zip is a great gift for anyone who’s on the move—it’s the hoodie you grab off the hook on your way out the door. Zip pockets make it perfect for securing tech on the go. It takes no thought to fit it into any casual outfit, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a thoughtful gift. 

Choose from six colors.

$98, Get It Here

Go-To Henley

High-quality essentials make for great gifts because everyone needs them and can’t have too many of them. Since essentials can be part of any outfit, a quality garment will last and quickly become the favorite of the bunch. 

This henley pays particular attention to detail. It’s made from a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that makes it ready for workouts as well as layering under a warmer layer. It also features subtly stylish raglan sleeves and of course the identifying feature of a button-up neck. 

Choose from eight colors. Also comes in a long sleeve. 

$68, Get It Here

Weekend Short

Show appreciation for the people you feel most comfortable and at home with by giving a gift they will feel comfortable and at home in. This no-frills pair of shorts features two front pockets, one back pocket, and a drawstring waistband. What makes it stand out is the precision of its stylish and relaxed fit, and a particular blend of fabric that is both stretchy and soft to the touch. 

Choose from six colors. 

$68, Get It Here

Better Than Down Vest

They won’t realize how much they’d wear a vest until they get their hands on this one. This particular vest is extremely practical, made with 3M™ Thinsulate™ technology that is warm, eco-friendly, and not overly puffy like traditional down vests. Wear this vest as an outer layer over a shirt or sweater, or under a jacket. The cut and four-way stretch ensure that they’ll stay warm without compromising range of motion. 

Choose from navy or black. 

$128, Get It Here

Brave The Elements Shell

Another practical gift for your outdoor-loving friends this season is a quality shell layer. This lightweight layer comes with heavyweight performance against wind and rain. The collapsable hood is both functional and gives multiple style options. It’s not just another jacket, it’s a stylish layer that is ready for whatever the weather brings. 

Have you ever been caught in the rain with someone? Give this gift to that person and they’ll know you got their back. 

Choose from black, dark olive, or slate.

$178, Get It Here

Elevate Crew

The right shirt for any given activity is important. This is particularly true when it comes to activewear. Everyone is sick of “performance” athletic shirts that feel like they're made out of plastic. Give them a shirt that is both true comfort and true performance. 

The Elevate Crew has everything you’d want in a t-shirt. It’s breathable, anti-microbial, stretchy, and super soft. It’s a next-level crew shirt. That’s why it’s called Elevate. 

Choose from heather black, heather oat, and heather steel. 

$58, Get It Here

Athleisure Gifts for Women

All Day Jogger

Everyone loves a piece of clothing that is both comfortable and ready to wear anywhere you go. If you’re still shopping for her gift, look no further. This pair of joggers does it all, and it’s a gift that shows her how much you appreciate all she does as well. They’re suited for the gym as well as a night out, and everything in between. 

With a high-rise waist and cuffed hems, this flattering and comfortable pair of pants is ready to be styled to her unique touch.

Choose from four colors.

$98, Get It Here

Luxe Fleece Pullover

There is nothing she could unwrap this year with such fine attention to detail as this pullover. At a glance, it’s a cute, solid-colored sweatshirt. Relaxed and cozy. And she’ll love it for that, especially because the soft French Terry fabric is made from the perfect blend of luxury materials.

But there are so many subtle details that make it stand out. It has thumb holes to keep her hands warm, as well as discreet side pockets that don’t take away from the smooth look of the sweater. It also has side slit hems and a funnel collar that leave it in a category of its own. She doesn’t have anything like this, but she’ll be glad when she does. 

Choose from four colors.

$88, Get It Here

Essential Tee

A quality essential tee that is reliable and up for anything. A plain t-shirt may not be the first thing on a typical letter to Santa, but it’s a can’t miss choice for someone who appreciates subtle excellence and timeless design. She’ll wear it all the time and you’ll be to thank. 

$58, Get It Here

Luxe Fleece Cropped Hoodie

A classic hoodie featuring a cute and cozy crop, drop sleeves, and a double-layered hood. The luxury fleece alone speaks volumes. Boyfriends, give her this hoodie and she’ll never steal yours again. 

Choose from four colors. 

$98, Get It Here

All Day Jacket

This versatile jacket is ready for whatever fills her busy schedule. Wear it outdoors with joggers, jeans, or leggings and it’s a smart and fit style that looks in place wherever she needs to be. It features a stretchy blend, zipper pockets, thumb holes, and a cropped fit.

Choose from four colors. 

$118, Get It Here

Luxe Fleece Jogger

The perfect gift for your cozy friend. The one you love watching movies and binge-watching shows with. The friend who makes you feel warm, fuzzy, and comfortable. These fleece joggers are the way to reciprocate how wonderful she is. 

Choose from four colors. 

$88, Get It Here

Luxe Fleece Short

Relaxed and easygoing shorts featuring a luxury French Terry blend that she’ll wear every chance she gets. A great gift for someone who’s down to get out and do something or just as comfortable staying in. They feature two front pockets, an 11-inch rise, and a thick, drawstring waistband. 

Choose from four colors. 

$58, Get It Here

A One Stop Holiday Shop

Shopping for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. It can be if you overcomplicate it, but if you happen to come across a single category from which all the favorite holiday gifts for men and women can be found, it eliminates a lot of bad ideas and makes the good ones obvious.

Fortunately, this year, athleisure has got you covered. Yeah, it seems almost too easy, but great gifts don’t have to be difficult or stressful. Choose from this holiday gift guide and two things will happen; your shopping becomes a lot easier and the people on your list are certain to get at least one perfect gift this year.