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Zoom Meeting Outfit: The Art of the Miss-Match

Over the past couple of years, Zoom meetings and other video conference calls have become the norm. Many of us are still navigating this change when it comes to how we dress for such an occasion. You may have experienced the irony of conducting business in your pajamas, or the absurdity of putting on a shirt and tie only to sit in your own house.
If user statistics for the platform are any indication, video meetings are a part of our new routine that we can expect to stick around. With this in mind, it’s time to nail down what exactly we should be wearing for Zoom meetings. With the right pieces and a few style tricks, you can achieve the perfect medium between ultimate comfort and a professional office appearance.

3 Tips for Creating Zoom Meeting Outfits

With a few guiding principles, it’s not too difficult to put together outfits for Zoom meetings. These three tips are the keys to creating outfits that are comfortable, professional, and ideal for video meetings.

Nobody Sees Your Lower Half

If you’re sitting at a desk, nobody is going to see your lower half. You know this already. But does this mean everyone should work from home in their boxer shorts?
Not exactly, although surveys show that one in 10 people on Zoom calls are not wearing pants. Hopefully, its appeal has worn off by now—that’s why you’re reading this article.
However, while opting out of pants isn’t the recommended solution, you still want to maximize the comfort you get out of the items out of sight of the camera. You can take liberties here that you might not take if the meeting were taking place in a boardroom.
You want to take these liberties to maximize comfort without throwing off your outfit as a whole. For example, ditching your belt is a good move. Wearing your PE sweatpants from high school is a bad move.
We’re trying to get away from the all-day-pajamas vibe while still being as comfortable as ever while you work from home. Dressing intentionally for work, whether you’re not leaving the house or not, will help you prepare mentally for the day. This is true whether you’re wearing your suit and tie getup or putting together an outfit specifically for a work from home day.

Strategic Miss-Matching

When you go into the office, you usually wear something that is head to toe coordinated. Often this is a suit, but even if you don’t wear a suit to the office you still want to wear something that is cohesive. This doesn’t necessarily apply when dressing for Zoom calls.
Considering your lower half won’t be seen, you can miss-match your outfits in ways you normally wouldn’t. For example, you can wear a jacket that doesn’t coordinate with your pants. When you have to run out the door, just leave your jacket behind and you’re left with a shirt and pants that go together.
Another way miss-matching comes into play when dressing for Zoom calls is mixing leisure with formal. Mix comfortable joggers with a dress shirt for meetings with coworkers, and add a tie for a meeting with clients or executives. This may not be a typical office day outfit, but it’s a great outfit to work from home in (it’s also ideal for taking a walk outside during your break).


The last tip for putting together outfits for Zoom meetings is simple: think athleisure. Athleisure is a whole category of clothing consisting of clean, minimal cuts and quality, luxurious materials. It'll be the most comfortable clothing you own, and at the same time, it will blend seamlessly together with work staples to spiff up your on-screen appearance.
There’s actually a word for athleisure clothing that’s adapted for the office setting. It’s called workleisure. Workleisure staples like sleek joggers, quality basic tees, and lightweight polos will make your Zoom call outfits simple and easy to put together.

Zoom-Ready Outfit Ideas

These example outfits should help you get started putting together strategic outfits that are perfect for a day of Zoom calls. That is, they are comfortable but maintain professionalism—at least on the top half that the camera can see. Ideally, they will also transition straight into the rest of your day without missing a step.
These outfit ideas should serve as a springboard to countless other Zoom-ready outfits. Assess the clothing in your closet and add the athleisure pieces you need and you’ll have countless combinations to discover. With the flexibility and miss-matching that Zoom calls lend to, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

All Day Every Day Pant + T-Shirt + Blazer

The All Day Every Day Pant won’t be seen on your Zoom calls (unfortunately, since they look awesome), but it’s a comfortable option that’s ready to head out as soon as the workday is over. Your base outfit will be these pants with a solid t-shirt. This one-two combination is difficult to beat and suitable for just about any situation you can think of.
Make this casual and comfortable pairing ready for an important meeting by putting on a blazer before you call into the meeting. A neutral color shirt will complement any blazer you choose. You’ll feel relaxed and comfortable while looking sharp—every reason to be confident during your meetings.

Shorts + Polo

This outfit is perfect for Zoom calls on a warm day, going for walks during breaks, or heading straight to the gym or tennis court after work. Shorts and a polo are a simple pairing that will be cool and comfortable and just formal enough for work meetings. If you have an important meeting with a client or higher up, you might consider throwing on a sport coat for the call, and then hanging it up again once the call is over.

Joggers + V-Neck + Button Down

The base of this outfit is a pair of sleek joggers and a v-neck shirt. This is a sporty and casual outfit that’s perfect for physical and leisure activities alike. A quick way to turn this outfit into one that’s ready for Zoom meetings is to put on a button down over top.
A v-neck allows you to wear a button down on top without the neckline showing underneath—even if you don’t button up your shirt all the way. Leaving a few buttons undone is totally fine for a Zoom meeting.
A button down shows that you’re taking your work seriously and shows respect to your coworkers. A couple of buttons undone is more casual than if you were to button up your shirt to the top and wear a necktie. If you’re not wearing a tie, it’s fine to leave some buttons undone, especially if you're at home during your Zoom meetings.

Weekend Joggers + Weekend Crew + Polo

This outfit plays off a favorite leisurewear outfit to create a cozy and comfy work-from-home fit. Start off your outfit with the most comfortable joggers you own. Remember, you can get away with drawstring waistbands here, even if you wouldn’t normally wear that into the office, because nobody is going to see them anyway.
Pair these joggers with a well-fitting crew neck sweatshirt. If you can, you might as well coordinate the colors between your joggers and crew neck so that you have a streamlined outfit that's ready to head out once your meetings are over.
All by itself, a crew neck sweatshirt is perfect for a work from home day, but not quite dressed up enough for Zoom meetings. To get around this, wear a polo shirt underneath your crew neck and let the shirt collar fold over the sweatshirt.
This creates a retro-academic look that’s fashionable and comfortable. Compliment the look with a pair of glasses: if you don’t wear glasses or readers, get a pair of blue light glasses. While research isn’t entirely conclusive that blue light glasses are an effective means of preventative eye care, many people find them to be beneficial—and they’re an easy way to add a twist of style to any outfit.


When it comes to footwear for Zoom calls, it’s really up to you. Nobody is going to see it and it’s probably not on the meeting agenda to discuss—so wear whatever you want. Here are a few ideas to try that you might not wear into the office:
Slippers: Ideally something lined with fur.
Socks: Cozy socks, maybe the ones you got for Christmas and hardly wear.
Sneakers: Sneakers are an easy and logical choice that pair easily and are up for anything.
Bare Feet: Hopefully you don’t do in-person meetings in bare feet, but if you’re on a Zoom call, why not.
Slides: Slides are convenient to slip on and off and make a great stand in for house shoes.

Zoom Meeting Attire: A New Clothing Category?

There is a constant influx and evolution of fashion trends. Is Zoom meeting attire a new thing? Zoomleisure? Maybe not... Nevertheless, there’s definitely a way to dress for Zoom meetings to maximize comfort, take advantage of the flexibility that comes with online meetings, and still look sharp and professional.
Get the most comfort you can out of your lower half, since comfy pants are a game-changer and nobody is going to see them anyway. Take advantage of miss matching pieces selectively, and keep a blazer nearby if you need to quickly spiff up an outfit. Finally, choosing athleisure pieces for Zoom meeting outfits will add to the comfort you want and retain the sharp professionalism that you need.
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