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Trunk vs. Boxer Brief: Which Is Right for You?

Ever feel overwhelmed or uninformed when perusing the underwear aisle? Maybe you're wondering, "Does it really matter what kind of underwear I buy?" With so many similar styles, don't they all serve the same purpose? However, choosing your underwear style based on build and lifestyle could mean the difference between optimum comfort and mediocracy.
Perhaps you're familiar with both trunks and boxer briefs but have never taken the time to notice the subtle differences between the two. Maybe you haven't thought much about your underwear choices throughout the years, buying simply out of habit instead of making an informed decision.
Just because your underwear isn't on display for all to see doesn't mean you shouldn't take the same care in selecting it as we do our clothing. Finding the right fit and style of underwear could mean finding that extra boost of confidence you've been looking for.

Trunk vs. Boxer Brief: Style Difference

At first glance, the two styles don't appear to have much that sets them apart. They are both more form-fitting and supportive than the traditional boxer. They both complement the male figure. However, look a little closer and you'll notice a slight difference in length that makes a world of difference in comfort.
Trunks are a shorter cut, more square-shaped than boxer briefs, and stop mid-thigh. They are best for men who are slimmer and have a shorter build. Trunks cut off before the widest part of the thigh, eliminating the dreaded underwear bunching. The cut of trunks also creates the appearance of a thicker thigh, enhancing your build. This is important if the added dimension in your legs is what you are after.
Boxer briefs are a little longer and typically are best for men who are taller with thicker thighs. Boxer briefs are cut off at the thickest part of the leg. They are best for preventing chafing throughout the day because the material is long enough to protect your thighs from rubbing together. Boxer briefs are also more rectangular in shape.

Which Is Best for My Lifestyle?

Boxer briefs and trunks are uniquely crafted to cater to specific lifestyles. Take a moment to think about the activities that dominate your schedule. Assessing your activity level and preferred hobbies can do wonders for helping you select the right pair of undergarments.
Would you characterize your personality as laid-back and relaxed? Maybe your job requires you to stay sedentary throughout the week, working at the office or remotely. Maybe some of your hobbies require more of your mind than your body, like chess or reading. If this sounds like you, trunks might just be the ticket for you.
Trunks are a great option for your leisurely lifestyle. Because of their shorter cut and square shape, you can focus on the job at hand without distraction and discomfort of underwear ride-up. They also go great under any pair of pants or shorts. Trunks are rising in popularity because of their versatility. They are great for dressing up or dressing down.
Maybe you would describe your personality as energetic and enthusiastic. Perhaps your lifestyle is one of constant movement or your job is one that keeps you on your feet, like that of a realtor or photographer. Maybe you enjoy playing sports or hitting the gym as a hobby. If you relate to this, boxer briefs may be the perfect match for your on-the-go routine.
Because of the long, rectangular shape of the boxer brief, more coverage is the result. This is especially helpful for keeping everything nicely in place amid high-intensity performance. The form-fitting fabric is also a great partner to the loose fit of athletic shorts. The more material with the boxer brief protects the skin that would otherwise rub together during a day characterized by movement.

What To Pair With Each

When deciding which style to opt for, it is important to take note of what type of pants you will be wearing on top. Trunks may be best if you prefer shorter shorts that cut higher up on the thigh or a pair of skinny jeans that accentuate every curve. Boxer briefs on the other hand could provide the needed protection if those work trousers are far too scratchy or stiff.

The Time of Year Matters

It may also be helpful to consider the time of year when choosing your preferred style. Because of the longer fit, boxer briefs may appear especially appealing in the colder months with fabric that covers more of the leg. Every inch of coverage matters when facing those biting winter winds.
On the contrary, when temperatures rise making you want to shed the layers, trunks may be a better choice for their decreased amount of fabric.
At Public Rec we offer a large array of leisure and lifestyle wear. Providing comfort and breathability, you can enjoy sliding on a pair of our barely-there boxer briefs or trunks. Long gone are the days when you only invest in quality clothing that everyone can see, settling for less than quality underwear because it's hidden. We want you to express every layer of you, down to your last layer of clothing.
Our Barely-There Trunks and Boxer Briefs come in three colors; navy, nickel, and black. Some of their features include a vertical fly, no-pill durability, a soft, no-slip waistband that won't roll or pinch, and a figure-forming pouch. The barely-there trunks have a five-inch inseam while the boxer briefs offer a seven and ¾ inch inseam. We hope you feel nearly naked seven days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between boxer briefs and trunks? While both offer a tighter fit than traditional boxers, trunks are shorter, stopping right before the thickest part of the thigh while boxer briefs cut off at the thickest part of the thigh.
  • What type of underwear is best for an active lifestyle? Because boxer briefs are longer, they help support an active lifestyle by preventing chafing and providing extra coverage.
  • What type of underwear should I choose if my lifestyle is more laid-back? Trunks are great for a more leisurely lifestyle because they go well under any type of pants or shorts and do not bunch up throughout the day.
  • What type of underwear is best for a slimmer build? Trunks are best for men who have a slimmer build because the shorter cut accentuates the thigh muscle and prevents shifting and bunching throughout the day.
  • What type of underwear is best for men with thicker thighs? Since boxer briefs are cut off at the thickest part of the thigh, the fabric helps to protect the thighs from chaffing thus being the best choice for men with a larger build.
  • What type of underwear should I wear in the wintertime? In the summertime? While either style can be worn during the cold months, boxer briefs provide the extra fabric that may be helpful in keeping every square inch warm. Trunks are a great choice for the summertime since less fabric allows for greater breathability.

Pros and Cons of Trunks

Trunks are great for men who are shorter or have a slimmer build because they cut off right before the thickest part of the thigh. Wearing trunks decreases the chances of your underwear bunching up and causing discomfort throughout the day. Trunks are best for those who are not as active throughout the day. They also pair well under any pair of pants, especially short shorts.
-      Trunks prevent bunching up
-      Trunks go well under any pair of pants
-      Trunks enhance the thigh muscles
-      Trunks do not protect the leg from chafing

Pros and Cons of Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are a longer fit, cutting off at the thickest part of the thigh. They prevent chafing because they cut off where thighs typically rub together. Their length makes them best for an active lifestyle. They are also great under stiff or scratchy pants, providing extra material for protection.
-      Boxer briefs offer protection from chaffing
-      Boxer briefs are great for the gym or playing sports
-      Boxer briefs can peek out from under short shorts


To sum up, it is important to distinguish between boxer briefs and trunks when striving for the most comfortable fit. Though trunks and boxer briefs appear to be similar in style, taking note of their differences will help find the underwear that feels the most like you.
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