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5 Spring 2022 Athleisure Outfit Essentials for Men & Women

Everything about the spring is new and fresh—from the new life outside to the new energy in your step as the weather shifts to a familiar warmth. As the weather changes, your clothing changes will inevitably change along with it. Heavy winter coats go back in the closet and you can feel shorts and t-shirt weather right around the corner. 
Those ready for the spring step out of the layered gloom of winter wearing new outfits, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. There’s no feeling quite like it. To help you prepare for spring, and inspire your look for a new season, here are five spring athleisure outfit essentials for men and women. 

Spring Athleisure Outfits Essentials for Women 

Joggers for Spring 

Joggers are a staple when it comes to athleisure. Styling your outfit around joggers will instantly secure the trendy athleisure look that’s perfect for springtime. Check out these suggestions for how to style joggers this spring. 
Soft Joggers With a Structured Jacket: Wearing a pair of soft joggers with a structured jacket will create a dynamic look that balances different materials, textures, and fits. A denim jacket is easy to style with joggers; just throw it on with sneakers and a t-shirt and your fit is ready to go. Another great option for this look is a leather jacket.
Joggers + Sneakers + Cap: Something about the spring season makes it a natural host for a clean, sporty look. Perhaps it’s the way the warmer weather lends a hand to walking and jogging outdoors again, or baseball opening day or that winter hibernation season is finally done with. 
A simple way to achieve a sporty, casual look for everyday wear is to wear joggers with sneakers and a cap. For your top, there are several ways you can go. A t-shirt, sweatshirt, or tunic will fit the vibe and make for a comfortable outfit for weekends and after-work errands, exercise, and activities. 
Dress Up Your Joggers With an Oversized Blazer: Balancing the casual and active elements of your joggers with the more formal characteristic of a blazer creates a polished yet easy-going look. An oversized blazer is both trendy and comfortable and will elevate your joggers to a smart casual or business casual look. 
The top you wear underneath the blazer, the footwear you choose, and any accessories you add to the look will determine where your outfit lands in regards to how casual or dressed up it is. Stick to solid colors and let the cuts and fabrics speak for themselves. 

Cropped Hoodie  

A cropped hoodie could be the most suitable kind of sweatshirt for the spring. It keeps you warm as winter finishes melting away, but also hints that you’re ready for the warmer weather to shine down on your skin. 
Cropped Hoodie + Light Wash Jeans: Light wash jeans are perfect for the lighter weather of spring, and of course pair well with just about anything you want to wear with it. A cropped hoodie is no exception. It will look especially suited for springtime if you choose a light-toned shade such as ivory, mauve, or sage. 
Cropped Hoodie + Matching Joggers: You can never go wrong with a hoodie and matching joggers. This coordinated look has become widely popular over the past few years and has been interpreted in new ways. Traditionally, the look may have been reserved for sports teams or going to the gym, but today people wear it casually and even find ways to dress it up. 
Add a bougie touch to your cropped hoodie and joggers look by sporting heels and a handbag. Let the monochromatic scheme be a canvas for your accessories and jewelry to shine. 

The First Shorts Weather of the Year  

You can’t leave shorts out of your spring rotation. Even when the weather isn’t quite warm enough for shorts every day, it’s important to have them on deck for when the first warm days show up so that you can enjoy them fully, and maybe get a little sun. 
Shorts And T-Shirt: You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that shorts and t-shirts go well together, but it’s exactly the outfit you’ll want to wear when that first warm day finally hits. Some of the best qualities about the shorts and t-shirt outfit are comfort and ease of movement, but that doesn’t mean it’s an outfit strictly for the gym.
Wear a pair of high-waisted cutoffs with a fitted t-shirt and ankle boots for an edgy look. Style shorts with an oversized t-shirt for a laid-back vibe. 
Shorts and a Flowy Top: Try pairing soft sweat shorts with a flowy top, such as an oversized button-up or a lightweight cardigan. Wear a t-shirt, crop top, or even just a sports bra underneath. Wearing a loose and extended-length top will create a standout silhouette with a pair of shorts. Complete the look with strappy sandals. 
Sweat Shorts With Matching Top: You can coordinate soft, comfortable shorts with a matching top the same way that you would with a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt. These Luxe Fleece Shorts have three different sweatshirts that they will match with flawlessly. This look is perfect for spring because it’s just as cozy and rady to stay in as it is practical for heading out of the house to enjoy the spring weather. 


You may not wear a t-shirt by itself every day this spring, but if you wanted to you could incorporate a t-shirt into any outfit while you wait for t-shirt weather to arrive. Wear a solid t-shirt under jackets, sweaters, or blazers. Wear it instead of a blouse or collared shirt to play down an outfit. Tuck it into a long skirt, or wear it with jeans, joggers, or leggings. 
There are a million ways to wear t-shirts this spring. Grab some fresh basic tees and they’ll work for you time and time again from spring and through summer. 

Versatile Jacket for Any Spring Weather 

Just because winter is behind you doesn’t mean you won’t need a jacket for springtime. You probably won’t need your heavy coat quite as often: the ideal spring jacket is versatile in style and comfortable however the weather changes. Meteorologists explain that spring is the most dynamic weather season, so a jacket you can count on consistently is a necessity. 

Spring Athleisure Outfit Essentials for Men 

Lightweight Hoodie 

As the seasons transition from the cold of winter to the heat of summer, you want to adjust your clothing to accommodate that change. A lightweight hoodie will see a lot of use during the spring because of its versatility and how you can style it to suit the weather as it changes. 
With Performance Joggers: A lightweight hoodie worn by itself goes naturally with a pair of performance joggers. It’s a sleek outfit that’s both athletic and put together. This outfit is supremely comfortable for weekend hangs, trips around town, or exercise. It’s an easygoing outfit that looks uniform and professional without trying. 
Under a Jacket: This lightweight hoodie works wonders as a mid-layer because its material is thin and breathable. This means it won’t bunch up or get stuffy under a jacket, and you’ll still have the hood hanging out from underneath for style and warmth. 
Wear a lightweight hoodie under a denim jacket with joggers and sneakers.
Wear it with a bomber jacket, cargo pants, and boots for a tactical athleisure look. You can even wear a lightweight hoodie with smart pants and a sports jacket for a sophisticated casual look for a night out. 

Short + Long Sleeve Polo 

Polo shirts can be dressed up for work, or be worn to play sports in. You can wear them in place of a t-shirt to dress up an outfit, or in place of a button-up to dress down an outfit. The polo shirt is a versatile piece that is ready to fill several style roles this spring and is ready to adjust to whatever the occasion or the weather is. 
Short Sleeve Polo + Nice Pants + Sweater: A classic preppy look is to wear a short sleeve polo shirt with smart pants and a sweater. Add a belt and wear loafers to complete the look. Choose a v-neck sweater or cardigan so that the collar of your polo has room enough to stand out. If you really want to step out and own the 80’s prep look, tie your sweater around your neck when it gets warm. 
Long Sleeve Polo Untucked + Sneakers: A long sleeve polo worn untucked is a sharp and casual look that can go several different ways. Pair it with sneakers to play off its athletic roots and basically any pants you wear with it will look great. It’s hard to mess this one up. 
Wear it with joggers. Pull up the cuffs of your joggers a bit to accentuate the sporty look. Replace the joggers with jeans and the look shifts from sporty to classic casual. Wear it with slacks and it’s a played-down formal look. 

All Day Every Day Pant 

They can replace sweatpants to wear around the house or exercise in comfort. They’ll replace jeans and bring a modern style to your casual outfits. And they can also replace chinos or slacks for a comfortable, work-ready pair of pants that look professional and perform like it too. 
The All Day Every Day Pant is an athleisure outfit essential for this spring, and any season thereafter. Choose from seven standard colors and two limited edition colors that are available now. Style them for work with a button-up or polo, or wear them casually with a henley or a t-shirt. 

Shorts You Can Style Easily 

Most shorts don’t have an appeal to be styled casually. Too often they make you look like you just finished sports practice, or they’re some kind of ill-fitting adaptation of outdated khaki pants with extra pockets. 
That’s not the case with this line of shorts. Each of them has a functional and fashionable appeal that makes you actually want to wear them, not just because the weather is warm. 
As such, they’re the only line of shorts you need for your spring wardrobe. You’ll find shorts for work, exercise and swim, lounging, and everyday wear

Lightweight Bomber Jacket 

A lightweight jacket is necessary for the spring months. This lightweight bomber jacket is a modern iteration of a classic design, complete with zippered pockets and a modern performance fabric. 
Bomber Jacket With Joggers: Joggers with a bomber jacket might be the athleisure look for guys. It’s a modern staple. You look professional and classic while staying totally up to speed with fashion and performance. You can wear it out with plain sneakers for a sleek, minimal look, or with boots to complement the tactical roots of the jacket. 

Put Spring Outfits Together With Athleisure Essentials 

Athleisure is a comfortable and versatile fashion style that puts clean cut, minimal design and quality performance fabrics at the forefront. The result is a luxury feel, a wide-ranging appeal, and unmatched comfort. 
These factors equip athleisure essentials with the qualities you’re looking for in any outfit. Do some early spring cleaning to make room in your closet for these five athleisure essentials, and you’ll walk into spring feeling fresh, comfortable, and looking fantastic.
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