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How To Measure Women’s Pants: A Guide

Men will never understand the hardships we have to face when trying to find the perfect pair of pants. You might have that pair of pants that hugs your thighs just right but the waist is too loose. Or that waist is fitting perfectly but your thighs or bum are just begging you to let them breathe.
Finding a perfect pair of pants online is almost as likely as winning the lottery. Then on top of that, the pandemic closed all dressing rooms for a period. Pant shopping went from a headache to borderline impossible.
We all know that one (emphasis on the one) pair of pants that hugs every curve and slips on like butter. We wear them so often people start to wonder if we own any other pants. But learning how to measure pants can turn that one perfect pair into five and make pant shopping less of a burden and more of a joy.

How To Measure Yourself

First things first, you want to familiarize yourself with your own body. Knowing the measurements of your waist, hips, and thighs will help you track down the perfect pants for you. Make sure you are using a flexible tape measure that will bend and shape your every curve. You also want to make sure that you are holding your tape measure straight to avoid getting incorrect results.
Let's start by pinpointing each measurement point.

The Inseam

Finding pants that are the perfect length is tough. Pants that are too long bunch up at the ankles, creating an unflattering look. Pants that are too short just won't look right. Knowing your inseam measurement will help you track down pants that fall at the right length for your figure.
Your inseam is the length of your leg from your crotch seam to the ankle seam of your pant.
Now before you go and measure yourself, let's look at some tips on getting the most accurate measurements.

The Hips

Measuring your hips will help steer you toward the best fitting pants for your figure. When we're talking about hips, we're talking about the widest part of your hip and bum. It is the widest part of your body below your belly button.
You will get the most accurate reading by measuring up against your skin. Use a fabric tape measure or use a string that you wrap around your hips and then hold it up to a tape measure.

The Waist

Now to the waist. Your natural waistline and the waistline of your pants may be different. For measurement sake, your natural waistline is the narrowest part of your waist. Wrap the tape measure around your natural waistline and record the measurement.
From there, you want to determine which type of rise looks best on your body and which rise you are most comfortable with. This will determine what other waist measurements you will need to make.
The three most popular rises are high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise pants. Rise refers to the length of the pants from the waistline to the crotch. Low-rise pants will have the smallest distance between waistline and crotch. If this is the style you typically opt for, you'll want to measure about two or three inches below your belly button to find your lower waist measurement.
Mid-rise jeans or pants have a waistline that falls right around the belly button. This is a little bit below the smallest part of your waist or your natural waistline. If mid-rise jeans are your preference, use a tape measure to record the circumference of the part of your waist at your navel.
Since high-rise pants fall almost directly above your navel, this will typically be your natural waistline.

Measuring Tips

By the end of this article, we want you to walk away knowing how to gather your most accurate measurements. There are a few things that will help you get a better reading.
Implement the buddy system: Having someone else take your measurements will be the most surefire way to get an accurate reading. When wrapping the measuring tape around your body, there is more room for error since you can't see how straight you're holding the tape measure.
Measure directly against your skin: Measuring yourself in your undergarments or in thin clothing will ensure the most accurate measurement. Measuring against your bare skin will also help you to precisely pinpoint your natural waistline.
Measure your best-fitting pair of pants: Knowing your measurements is incredibly important when selecting the right pair of pants for you. While this is always a great place to start, it is also helpful to take the measurements of a pair of pants you already own. This works best if it is a pair that fits you particularly well.
You can measure the pants by laying them flat on any surface and taking the measurement of the waistline. Simply double the number that you get to find the waistline measurement of the pants.
When measuring pants, the hip is not as easily defined as it is when measuring yourself. However, a general rule of thumb is to measure the width of the pants at the base of the zipper.
Now for the thigh. The best place to take the thigh measurement is to measure the jeans two inches below the crotch seam. You will then double the number that you get to find your final measurements.

Women's Pants From Public Rec

Now that you're set with the tools you need to order the perfect pair of pants online, let's look at some women's pant options from Public Rec.
The All Day Jogger is your perfect pant for any occasion. They are built to keep up with your workout or keep you looking great when you're going out. These pants are high-rise, with the waistline falling just above the navel area. When selecting your size, you will select both your waist and inseam.
Since these pants are high-rise, measure your natural waistline to find your size. For the inseam, you'll want to run the measuring tape from the crotch area to your ankle. It may be helpful to measure a pair of pants you already own. Measure starting at the crotch seam on the pants and bring the tape measurer to the bottom of the pant. This will give you your inseam measurement.
The Luxe Fleece Jogger is another great pant option from Public Rec. Lounge around your house and look great doing it with these pants. They are made with an 11 ½ inch high rise. This is helpful in knowing where to take your waist measurement when determining your size for these pants.

Wrapping It Up

Ladies, you are now ready to take on the world of online pant shopping. You now hold the keys to a more pleasant shopping experience. So go ahead, get on with that retail therapy that we all know and love.
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