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How To Wear Joggers: A Style Guide for Men

Joggers have made their way from the track and the gym and into mainstream contemporary fashion. You see people wearing them everywhere these days. which is to be expected; joggers really can be worn just about everywhere. From the street, a night out, or to the office, joggers are an easy choice for going places in comfort and style.

21 Ideas for What To Wear With Joggers

With a Matching Sweatshirt

There once was a time when a sweatsuit was reserved for PE, sports practices, and group aerobics. That is no longer the case. Matching joggers and a sweatshirt is a look that has become more and more popular in casual and streetwear fashion. 
It makes sense because there’s nothing unfashionable about being warm and comfortable with the ability to move about freely and unrestricted. It’s a uniform, monochromatic look that anyone can pull off without a second thought. 

With a Retro Ringer Tee

Wear a retro-style ringer t-shirt with your joggers for a throwback sporty look. The athletic qualities of both pieces overlap while bringing out the nostalgia that comes with the shirt and the modern excellence of the joggers. Complete this look with sneakers and a ball cap of your choice. Rock it for a day out or for the big game and you’ll bring a timeless athletic vibe around with you.  

With a Button Down

Joggers with a button-down is a simple outfit for a smart and professional look. A solid white shirt will never miss and is definitely the way to go with colored joggers. Any color button-down will work with neutral joggers, including patterns. Wear it casually with a pair of sneakers or wear it into the office with a pair of loafers. Roll up your sleeves for an even more laid-back look. 

With a Denim Jacket

Wearing a denim jacket with a pair of joggers is a cool way to show a range of textures in your outfit. The soft and sleek joggers will contrast with the ruggedness of the denim jacket and create a functional outfit that is ready for whatever the day brings. Another plus to this pairing is that the denim jacket makes it easy to wear boots with your joggers as you might with a pair of jeans. 

With a Jersey

Wearing sports jerseys in public is debatable, and that’s fine. It’s not for everyone, especially if they have no interest in sports. But for lots of guys, it’s a way to represent their team, their city, or an expression of playful nostalgia. Sorry, but jerseys were not meant to be worn with jeans, and shorts with a jersey makes you look like you’re on your way to playing an actual game. Joggers are the perfect pairing for your favorite jersey. 

With a Blazer

Pairing joggers with a blazer will immediately take your outfit into smart and professional territory. A solid and fitted blazer will look more professional, a loose and patterned blazer will look more relaxed but still remain work-ready. 
Match the color of your blazer to the color of your joggers for a faux suit look that will probably fool most people in your office. Make sure to choose your shirt and footwear accordingly, depending on how dressed up you want your joggers to be.

With a Solid Tee

A solid t-shirt is another obvious choice. But the perfect-fitting shirt and joggers combination is so simple and comfortable that it can’t be left off the list. This look can go anywhere on its own or can be added to with an outer layer. Wear minimal sneakers. Your outfit will look amazing based on form and function alone. 

With a Bomber

Joggers with a modern, functional bomber jacket is a current look in contemporary men’s fashion that will not let down. The streamlined cut of the bomber jacket combines with the sleek taper of the joggers in a way that makes simplicity stand out. Wear sneakers for a clean and casual look or boots to make the outfit stylishly utilitarian.

With a Pea Coat

A pea coat and joggers will keep you warm and can be worn casually, or to a dressier function by just changing out the shoes you wear with it. Black on black appears elegant and will look best with boots. Other great color combinations are grey and black, grey and grey, or grey and navy. Layer your coat over a sweater or hoodie. 

With an All Over Print

All-over prints are a popular option in streetwear fashion. They’re loud and fun, but your outfit can quickly become overly complicated if you wear it with the wrong bottoms. Joggers are minimal and make a great foundation for wearing a wild all-over print t-shirt or sweatshirt. 

With a Flannel

Flannels go naturally with joggers because they’re both cozy and comfortable. Go with a checkered flannel and sneakers for a streetwear look, or style it with boots for an active outdoor vibe. Wear a short-sleeve or tank top under your flannel and you're layered for whatever the weather throws at you. Flannels can be worn around your waist just as easily as on your body.

With a Cardigan

Cardigans and joggers are both comfortable and cozy, so it’s natural to wear them together at some point. You can wear this look casually or dress it up depending on your footwear and what you wear under your cardigan. 
A collared shirt with this look will get you ready for the office and you can push the smart look even further by adding a tie. Wear your cardigan unbuttoned with a band tee underneath for an indie look. 

With a Tank Top

Joggers and a tank top can obviously be worn to the gym, but it’s also a comfortable and active look you can pull off any time the weather is nice. A tank top with joggers won’t look entirely beachy or gym-centric like a tank and shorts might. Add sunglasses for a cool, weekend-ready look.

With Combat Boots

Combat boots with joggers is a stylish interpretation of both pieces that make for a casual and tactical outfit. Wear a bomber jacket up top and you’ve got a trendy look that guys everywhere are aiming for. Mix colors to create a unique interpretation of the look or go with a monochromatic look for a truly tactical, uniform look. Draw from military and police wear for color inspo. 

With a Bulky Jacket

Joggers are tapered and streamlined. Match them with a bulky jacket to create a heavy top, skinny bottom silhouette. A puffer jacket or thick pile lined jacket is a good way to achieve this look. 
Tuck in your shirt and go with low-profile sneakers to get the most out of the jacket-centered outfit. Accent it even more by choosing a brightly colored puffer or adding a pin or patch to your jacket. 

With an Oversized Sweater

Oversized sweaters are not just for women. Guys in the grunge and modern psych music scenes opt for this look all the time. Pick up a knit sweater that’s a few sizes too big from the thrift store, a sustainable and affordable option, and wear it with your slim-fitting joggers for a free-flowing outfit that requires little else. Wear it with chunky boots or beat-up sneakers to get a grungy look out of your clean-cut joggers. 

With a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is another great way to bring a variation in texture and material to your joggers. Choose neutral-colored joggers that compliment your jacket and let it be the focal point of your outfit. Beige, grey, or black are good options. 

With a Duster or Trench Coat

Not everyone keeps a long coat in their rotation because it’s easy to be intimidated by what to wear it with, and perhaps how not to look like a 1950’s detective while you wear it. Wearing joggers is the perfect way to offset these concerns and pull off a unique outfit that looks both sophisticated and easygoing. 
The coat will be the focal point of the outfit, so wear a plain crew neck under it that matches the color of your joggers. Wear sneakers for a street fashion look or boots if it’s fall or winter.

Joggers for Any Occasion

Once you start styling your joggers with a wider range of clothing, you will soon realize that there’s really no limit to how you can wear them. See how many items in your wardrobe you can incorporate into an outfit based on your favorite pair of joggers. 
You may want to get another couple of pairs to have on deck so that you have a few color options to choose from and can wear them to the gym and still have joggers to wear casually the next day. The key to styling your joggers is to take advantage of their versatile design and get creative with what you pair with them.
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