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How to Style Joggers: A Style Guide For Women

Yes, joggers go by a name that may insinuate an athletic lifestyle or intended use. And they're great for that. They're a go-to for trips to the gym or your morning jogging route. But if you haven't worn your joggers for other occasions, you're not getting the most out of them.
Joggers are extremely versatile. They take on the qualities of the clothing you pair with it. This makes them a fantastic and comfortable option to put together outfits you've yet to try. Use this guide as a starting point for countless combinations that are sitting in your closet ready to be worn anywhere you want to go.

21 Ideas for What To Wear With Joggers 

With a Matching Sweatshirt

This one is obvious, but wearing joggers with a matching sweatshirt is meant to be. It's a comfortable, uniform look that you can rock to any casual occasion without a thought. The great thing about a monochromatic outfit is that it also makes a perfect canvas to showcase your favorite accessories. Push this look to the next level with jewelry or a trendy handbag.

With a Patterned Blouse 

A patterned blouse is fun to wear with joggers because it shows a lot of contrast. Pairing a neutral pair of joggers with a floral or geometric blouse shows contrast in pattern, material, and also between dress and casual.
This juxtaposition allows you to incorporate a blouse that might normally be reserved for a fancier occasion into a casual setting. It also lets you get away with wearing joggers in a setting where slacks might be the traditional choice.

With a Button Down

Joggers with a button-down is a simple and easy way to put together a smart and professional look. A white shirt will never miss, but any solid color can work. Make it casual with a pair of sneakers or wear it into the office with a pair of flats or heels.

With a Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is another way to add a range of textures to your jogger-based outfit. Pair this combination with a mock neck or graphic t-shirt and you've got a hip and casual look ready for the day or a night on the town. A denim jacket opens the door to a range of footwear including your favorite boots.

With a Varsity Jacket

A color-blocked varsity jacket is a nostalgic way to play into the casual and sporty aspect of your joggers. Grey joggers are an athletic choice that will complement the nature of your varsity jacket. Complete the outfit with any pair of sneakers.

With a Blazer

Pairing joggers with a blazer will immediately take your outfit into smart and professional territory. A solid and fitted blazer will look more professional, a loose and patterned blazer will look more relaxed but still remain work-ready. Make sure to choose your footwear accordingly, depending on how dressed up you want your joggers to be. They'll handle whatever you throw at them.

With a Solid Tee

A solid t-shirt is another obvious choice. Does it really need to be on this list? The reason it is is simply to encourage you to show off your natural beauty in comfortable and casual essentials.
As fun as it is to meticulously put outfits together, you are the best part of your outfit. Wear your favorite pair of joggers with a quality basic tee and let your beauty radiate from within.

With High Heels

If you really want to take your joggers to new heights, pair them with some high heels. The tapered cut and cuffed hem will accentuate your high heels and make your legs look longer than a trip to the moon. Match your top according to the heels you put on and your outfit is as ready for a night out as you are.

With a Baseball Tee

For a casual and sporty look, wear your joggers with a baseball tee and a pair of sneakers or sandals. It's great for game day, the weekend, or outside activities. Top it off with a ball cap if you really want to push the look, but you don't have to. Unless your team is playing, then it probably wouldn't hurt.

With a Flannel

Flannels go naturally with joggers because they're both cozy and comfortable. Go with a checkered flannel and booties for a chic and casual look. Wear a short-sleeve or tank top under your flannel and you're layered for whatever the weather throws at you. Flannels can be worn around your waist just as easily as on your body.

With a Cardigan

A cardigan will continue the cozy and comfortable theme of your joggers while adding some smart sophistication to your outfit. You can wear this look casually or dress it up depending on your footwear and what you wear under your cardigan. A collared shirt with this look will get you ready for work. A flowy cardigan with a graphic tee is casual and comfortable.

With a Tank Top

You can wear your joggers with a tank top and sandals for a flexible weekend outfit. Complete the look with a cool pair of sunglasses and the fun will come to you. Bring a light jacket with you for the evening and you'll be comfortable all day long.

With a Scarf

Choose a scarf that matches the color of your joggers. Tuck it into a jacket or let it hang over a sweater and you've brought out the cozy element of your joggers. Wear this with some pile-lined boots and you've out-styled the cold weather.

With a Zipper Jacket

Compliment your joggers with a sporty, zip-down jacket. This look goes together naturally. You can wear it with sneakers, or boots, depending on how sporty you want to look. Choose accessories that match your shoes and it's done.

With a Band Tee

Band tees don't have to be worn exclusively with denim. Wear your joggers the same way you would a pair of jeans, with a band tee and platform sneakers, and your trendy look is ready for all the cool places you'll wear it. Remember to listen up on the band you're sporting, if you're not already familiar. You don't want to be caught like a deer in the headlights when someone asks you what your favorite Zeppelin album is.

With a Bathing Suit

Joggers are the perfect pants to wear over your bathing suit on your way to and from the beach. When the sun is going down, after a cool dip in the ocean, your joggers will be warm and cozy on the car ride home or the midnight bonfire.

With Combat Boots

Another fun way to mix two different styles in a complimentary way. Combat boots don't traditionally go with a soft, flexible, luxury composite of athleisure attire. And joggers may not have been invented with combat in mind. However, that's what makes it an awesome combination. The juxtaposition between casual comfort and rugged tactical wear.

With a Big, Puffy Jacket

Joggers are sleek and streamlined. Play with the silhouette of your outfit by matching your joggers with a puffer or faux fur jacket. The bulk in your outer layer will balance nicely with the tapered look of your joggers.
Since the big jacket will already be drawing attention, it might as well be brightly colored. Wear this with a tucked-in shirt and minimalistic sneakers to get the most out of the silhouette.

With a Knit Sweater

A knit sweater with your joggers will keep up with the casual and cozy theme while adding a dimension of texture to your outfit. Choose a multicolor sweater with a neutral pair of joggers for even more dimension. Wear a colored pair of joggers with a solid neutral sweater, perhaps something cable-knitted, and the colored pants and the knitted pattern will both pop.

With a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is another great way to bring a variation in texture and material to your joggers. Since a leather jacket will be the center of attention in this outfit, choose neutral-colored joggers that compliment your jacket. Beige, grey, or black are good options. Black joggers with a black leather jacket are a cool way to wear leather and all-black together without going completely biker or Catwoman.

With a Long Coat

Wear your joggers with a long overcoat on gloomy days or if you're traveling and don't have room in your suitcase for that trench coat that you can't leave behind. Under your overcoat, wear a solid hoodie or sweater that matches either your joggers or the coat itself. This will let the cuts and layering of the clothing speak for itself without patterns or graphics getting in the way.

Joggers for Every Occasion

There you have it, a whole list of 21 ideas for how to style your joggers for a number of occasions. You won't stop wearing your joggers for exercise, of course, but now you might have to get another pair or two so that you can wear them out when your gym pair is in the wash. The key to styling your joggers is to the neutrality of their design compliment whatever you pair with them.
When it comes to styling joggers, there's really no limit. Get creative with the items in your closet, and see how many pieces you can work into an outfit based on your favorite pair of joggers.
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