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How to Dress Up Loungewear: 6 Fashion Tips

Dressing up and going out is fun, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite so acutely comfortable and cozy as your favorite loungewear. The joggers and hoodie tandem is the undisputed champion of lounging, and we love them for that. We love them so much that sometimes we wish we could wear them all day every day for the rest of our lives. Okay perhaps that’s a bit much, but you agree, don’t you?
Fortunately, there are several ways you can style your favorite loungewear pieces to wear off the couch and out the door. Check out these six tips for dressing up your loungewear in order to keep it cozy while adding sophistication to the mix. 
First, we will uncover the key to spicing up any loungewear outfit and then go into examples you can use to create the ultimate expression of comfort and style. 

1. The Key to Dressing Up Loungewear

The key to dressing up loungewear (which is also the key to mixing clothing styles of any kind) is the concept of juxtaposition
Juxtaposition is the act of intentionally placing two elements together or side by side to create a contrasting effect. It’s not limited to fashion, and if we look for it we can find it everywhere. Dark and light are used to make the lines on the road more visible. 
Parks in an urban area are nice because it adds nature in the middle of manmade. Ancient and modern meet in cities like Rome or the fact that history textbooks are now digital. 
When it comes to clothing, juxtaposition usually shows up in the form of unexpected combinations. One popular example is a juxtaposition between masculine and feminine clothing, such as wearing an oversized men's jacket over a floral dress. Or a juxtaposition between delicate and bold, such as wearing a light linen top with a heavy leather belt and dark pants. 
Keep in mind, it’s not quite as simple as picking two random things that don’t go together and calling it fashion. The key is to show contrast that creates a unifying balance. In the case of dressing up loungewear, there are several ways you can pull it off using juxtaposition. Read on to find out how.

2. Wear Shoes You Wouldn’t Wear Around the House

A quick way to elevate your loungewear is by pairing it with next-level footwear. Maybe your house is a “leave your shoes at the door” type space; either way, you probably wouldn’t wear heels, boots, or platform sneakers in your own home. 
That’s how you know it will dress your loungewear up a notch or two. The juxtaposition here is between the clothing commonly worn in the house, and the shoes you only put on to go out. 


Have you ever worn joggers with heels? If you haven’t, know this; you absolutely have permission too and it is 100% fashionable. Joggers have a tapered design and cuffed hem that will accent your heels and lengthen your legs. 
Wear a pair of strappy heels with joggers and a blazer for a chic mix of dress and casual that will look stylish and confident. 

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers are a trend that will add depth and dynamic to your loungewear fit. Wear a pair of platform sneakers to give your relaxed outfit a bold base. Compliment your sneakers with a hat to make it clear that you’re both comfortable, and getting things done. 

Combat Boots

Combat boots are another bold silhouette that will juxtapose well with utilitarian loungewear. Combat boots and fleece sweatsuits may not go together in the traditional sense, but it’s a power move when it comes to modern day women’s fashion. Not only is it a power move, but it’s also super simple. 
Put on your joggers, pullover, and tie-up combat boots for a strong contrast that works together. Wear a jacket that matches the look of your boots, and a pair of sunglasses to polish off the look. 

3. Accessorize Like Never Before

You won’t look like you’ve been watching TV shows for the last nine hours if you’re blinged out. When's the last time you accessorized to binge-watch on the couch? Choose bold accessories to bounce off a minimal loungewear outfit and the pizzazz will take you right out the door to find the party. 

Bold Necklaces

A black pullover will provide the perfect canvas for necklaces to pop. Whatever your color preference is, it works with black and will look brighter and shinier than ever. If you’re going with a minimal loungewear outfit, you may want to wear more than one necklace at a time. Check out these tips for how to layer necklaces. 

Big Earrings

Loungewear may hint at staying in, but big earrings insist that you’re going out. Add some glamour and glimmer to your loungewear favorites by choosing earrings that leave no question about it; you’re comfortable and you’re ready to rock. This is another juxtaposition that works wonders to dress up a relaxed outfit, who would have thought. 

Glamorous Bag

Add a glamorous bag to a t-shirt and fleece shorts and you automatically look like a woman on a mission. Choose a bag with a pop of color complementary to your clothing. 


Sunglasses with loungewear are a Hollywood staple. Look through this list of celebs wearing sweatpants and notice how many of them are wearing sunglasses. If they can do it, why can’t you? Beware, you may get mistaken for a movie star. 

4. Suit Up Head to Toe

Tip number four is probably something you already do; match your joggers with a coordinating sweatshirt for a uniform look. That seems obvious, and it is. There’s something fashionable about a head-to-toe look. We see it in formal wear and uniforms all the time, and you can get the same benefits by styling your go-to sweatsuit for casual wear. 
The real tip here is to realize how a coordinated sweatsuit leaves you with a monochromatic canvas with which you can style a number of different ways. It simplifies the decision-making process for anything you want to pair with your lounge-worthy sweatsuit. 
For example, if you have a top and bottom that are different colors, and maybe different textures, anything that you add to the outfit has to compliment two different colors and two different textures. However, a huge benefit of starting with a monochromatic base that is all the same material, (a.k.a. your matching joggers and sweatshirt) whatever you add to the outfit only has to match the one color and one texture. 
And, if you choose a neutral shade like black or ivory, or versatile colors like mauve or sage, the options are essentially limitless. 
You can easily add to a coordinated loungewear set by throwing a jacket on top, choosing a handbag that pops, or your best jewelry.  

5. Play With Silhouettes

Another way you can mix up the look of your loungewear is by creating dynamic silhouettes. Two easy ways to do this are to play around with different lengths and widths. Contrast and balance short and long together, and slim and wide respectively. 
High-Waisted Joggers With Cropped Hoodie: High-waisted joggers and cropped tops go together like peanut butter and jelly. The high rise of these joggers and the cropped length of this hoodie work together perfectly to create a balance that is flattering to your figure and elongates your legs. It’s a casual and athletic look that you can wear for workouts, an easy, around-town look, or for weekend relaxing. Substitute joggers for high-waisted jeans for a more street-ready look. 
Joggers, T-Shirt, and Long Coat: Wear your favorite pair of joggers with a basic t-shirt and a long coat to create a warm balance of indoor and outdoor coziness. The long cut of your trench coat or duster will pair well with high-waisted joggers, especially if you tuck in your t-shirt. Finish off the look with sneakers for an outfit that’s easy to coordinate and wear, but looks fresh and sophisticated. 

6. Juxtapose Textures

Another simple way to show juxtaposition and move your cozy loungewear from the couch to the community is by contrasting rougher textures with the luxurious softness of the loungewear. 

With Denim

Denim adds a texture that you can see and feel to the smooth and soft pieces of your loungewear outfits. Sweatshirts and jeans are a classic combination, and it works the other way around too.
Jeans and Loungy Sweatshirt: Mix your soft lounging sweatshirt with a pair of denim jeans and you’re ready to hit the streets. Add even more texture to the mix by choosing a pair of ripped or patched jeans. Wear a belt and you’ve got a dynamic outfit that balances a soft sweatshirt with a tougher bottom end. 
Joggers and Denim Jacket: Wear a denim jacket with a pair of soft joggers to instantly transform the vibe of your outfit from a lazy day in to a fun day out. You can rock a denim jacket over a t-shirt, or over the cozy sweatshirt that matches your joggers for an even fuller effect. 

With Leather

Anytime leather is mixed in with loungewear, your outfit is no longer lounge-worthy. You wouldn’t wear leather around the house, would you? Mixing in this contrasting material will make your loungewear ready to head out. 
Cropped Hoodie with Leather Pants: If you have leather pants, chances are you probably love them but aren’t always sure how to wear them without looking like a biker chick or Catwoman. This Luxe Fleece Cropped Hoodie is the perfect match to balance soft luxury with stark opulence. The hoodie will mellow out the leather pants, and the pants will be able to show your loungewear hoodie a whole night on the town. 
Leather Jacket and Joggers: A leather jacket and pair of soft joggers will have the same effect as the combination mentioned above. Try a motorcycle jacket or an oversized bomber jacket. Bonus points if you can find a colored leather jacket.

Dressing Up Loungewear Is Fun, Cozy, and Fashionable

Modern fashion has become simpler and more casual. Dressing up loungewear may be the simplest, and is definitely the most comfortable way to put together a casual outfit with minimal effort and maximum style points. 
Using the concept of juxtaposition as a guide for mixing loungewear with other fashionable pieces will allow you to come up with numerous outfit ideas. Balance the soft, minimal pieces of loungewear with bold footwear, accessories, textures, and dynamic silhouettes and you’ll be hip and comfortable for a day out or a night on the town.
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