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Athleisure Wardrobe: 27 Essentials Your Closet Needs

For those who have already started their curated collection of athleisure clothing, a fully stocked lineup of the most comfortable and stylish athleisure pieces probably sounds like a dream. For most, it's not something that will happen all at once, but over time you can add pieces to your closet and eventually have a whole selection of athleisure essentials.
The comfort and versatility of athleisure make it an option that can be worn day in and day out. Keeping a wardrobe of essential options will allow you tons of options for coordinating your favorite cuts colors, and also ensure that you have enough of your favorite clothes to get you to laundry day. Check out this complete list of athleisure essentials that will serve as a template for your ultimate athleisure wardrobe.

A Variety of Short Sleeve Options

Short-sleeve tops are fundamental when it comes to athleisure. They're ready for your exercise routine or to support your outfit as a cool and comfortable top or base layer.
1. Crew Neck

2. V-Neck
Keep v-necks next to your crew necks to add variety. It's another classic style that has a sporty aesthetic for wear in the gym. You can wear it under a button-up without it showing.
3. Henley
Keeping henleys in your wardrobe is a wonderful way to add more depth to your short sleeve shirts and display an acute attention to detail in your outfits. It falls right in between a crew neck and a polo in terms of sophistication.
4. Polo
A short sleeve polo is a go-to option for many occasions both casual and formal. It falls somewhere in between a crew neck shirt and a button down in terms of design and formality. As such, it can be dressed up or down, worn with pants or shorts, and also used for sports like golf and tennis.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are essential to the athleisure wardrobe because they offer more coverage and warmth than their short sleeve counterparts without adding bulk or an extra layer.
5. Long Sleeve Crew

6. Long Sleeve Henley
Wear a long-sleeve henley under a cardigan or jacket to hint at the idea of a collar without actually wearing one. Worn unbuttoned it gives off a rugged, hardworking vibe.
7. Long Sleeve Polo

8. Button Down
A button down isn't what you typically think of when it comes to athleisure. Typical button-downs come nowhere close to the comfort and performance that come with this Stretch Thermal Button Down. As the name suggests, it's warm and stretchy and the performance and versatility you get out of it are welcomed by the athleisure category. Once you have it in your closet you'll see how essential it is, especially during colder months.


sweatshirt is another athleisure essential that comes in multiple styles. Keep a few good sweatshirts in your closet and when it's cold you'll be glad you're not stuck with the same sweatshirt day after day.
9. Half Zip

10. Full Zip

11. Crew
It's hard to find another piece of clothing that's as simple, familiar, and comfortable as a well executed crew neck sweatshirt. Well executed means perfectly fitting and made from a precise blend of soft, stretchable fabric. The crew sweatshirt is an athleisure and your best friend.
12. Hoodie

Hoodies come in more than one iteration. A lightweight hoodie made from breathable fabric can be worn both with or without a shirt underneath. This option is essential for your athleisure wardrobe if you're someone who likes working out in hoods or layering hoodies under jackets.


Comfortable pants might be the first thing people think of when it comes to athleisure. Once you've gotten accustomed to the unmatched comfort levels that athleisure pants offer, it's difficult to pull on anything else.
Fortunately, there are options to keep your wardrobe stocked with a variety of comfortable choices. Between multiple iterations of joggers and pants, joggers and pants, you'll be covered every day of the week.


You'll want a pair (or a few pairs) for workouts, depending on how often you exercise and how often you want to do laundry, and you'll also want a few options for wearing outside the gym. Build a collection of athleisure pants in several cuts and colors so you never have to wear normal pants again.
13. All Day Every Day Pant
The All Day Every Day Pant is the ideal pair of pants for any day, any time, and any place. They draw inspiration from sweatpants, chinos, and jeans, but execute in such a way that puts them in a category entirely of their own. They're made for the modern, on-the-go, healthy, and fit lifestyle that brings comfort, style, and performance wherever you wear them.
Choose from nine core color options (and keep an eye out for limited edition colors every few months). You'll wish you had them all after you experienced how awesome they are. Here are a few standout options and ideas for how you can style them:
Fog: A cool, light shade of grey. These are a great base to make any color you pair with it rich and vibrant. Pair it with yellow or red for a sporty look and rein it in with a neutral jacket. Wear a darker grey knit sweater to show dimension and depth in your outfit while keeping a minimal color scheme.
Heather Burgundy: A unique but surprisingly versatile color for pants. This color will look best worn with a neutral top. A white shirt and black jacket will create a classy and dynamic appearance. You can stick with the warm color scheme by opting for a beige top and brown shoes.
Dark Olive: Another great option for mixing color into the usual rotation of subtle pants. Stay away from red and purple, or too much green paired with this color. Aside from that, most colors are going to compliment the rich and earthy green. Take color inspiration for nature. Play with the utilitarian appeal of the color by incorporating elements found in military uniforms, such as pocketed jackets and boots.
14. Workday Pant
For a more traditional inspired pair of athleisure pants, reach for the Workday Pant 2.0. They feature a classic five-pocket design complete with belt loops, but with a fabric that is both water-resistant and flexible. It's a smart and stylish look that will change your idea of work and dress attire.
These pants come in five different colors. The amount of these pants you keep in your athleisure wardrobe might depend on how often you wear pants that are more formal or business-ready. If you work in an office that's not too flexible with their dress code, you can't have enough of these. You'll look sharper than your coworkers and be the most comfortable person in the office.
Here are a few highlights from the color options available.
KhakiKhaki is a staple color choice among office workers everywhere. It sometimes gets a bad rap for this reason, but when it comes down to it, khaki is a neutral and warm-toned color for pants that opens up your styling options to anything in your closet. A modern version of khaki pants offers a look, fit, and performance that breaks out of the mold you're trying to avoid.
Black: Everybody needs classy black pants as part of their athleisure wardrobe. The Workday Pant in black is great for the office because the color is often associated with power and boldness that will give you an edge to crush the workday. It's slimming, classic, and makes every color pop. Wear a polo, a button down, or a t-shirt and blazer to get several looks out of the same pants.
Navy: Navy is universally accepted as a neutral choice when it comes to wearing in business settings. It's calming yet steady. Pair these pants with a light blue button-up and cool grey sweater for an understated, calming spectrum color. Brown leather shoes or white leather sneakers are a reliable choice to work with navy pants.


15. All Day Every Day Jogger
If you're looking for versatile joggers that can replace jeans and chinos, this is the pair. The fabric blend makes them flexible and durable and allows them to move with you. A feature that sets them apart is a faux front fly, which gives them a more formal appearance and makes them easy to dress up as well as wear casually.
16. Weekend Jogger
Your athleisure wardrobe needs cozy and warm pants. These joggers will be your favorite pants to wear while binging on TV shows and also a go-to for running errands or enjoying a relaxing weekend. The midweight fabric is ultra-soft and flexible, which means they're a good option for stretching and yoga as well.
17. Stadium Joggers
They're perfect for intense workouts and will secure your belongings with zippered pockets so you don't have to worry about losing your car key on a trail run. While ideal for exercise, they have a relaxed style that can be worn during recovery days as well.


Shorts fulfill a few different needs in your athleisure wardrobe. You need shorts to work out in, shorts to swim in, shorts for hot weather, and shorts for lounging. Some shorts will cover more than one use, but your wardrobe definitely isn't complete without the right selection.
18. All Day Every Day Short
You can wear these shorts to the gym. You can also wear them casually without looking like you came from the gym. Wherever you rock these shorts you can be confident that you're going in style and ready for anything.
19. Flex Short

20. Workday Short

21. Weekend Short


22. Boxers
Underwear is an essential that doesn't get enough appreciation. A truly comfortable pair of underwear is a game-changer. The Barely There Boxer Trunk is the choice for you if you prefer a shorter length. For a longer fit, try the Barely There Boxer Brief. You'll notice the difference right away and have an all-day comfort through workouts and all.


When it comes to outerwear for your athleisure wardrobe, you'll want to have at least one option that will keep you warm when the temperature is at its lowest, and a lighter option that you can incorporate into outfits during milder weather. Neutral colors will make sure your outerwear always compliments whatever you wear underneath.
23. All Day Every Day Jacket
This is a great option for a versatile jacket you can wear over workout clothes or a button-up. It's got a modern, technical look with zippered pockets.
24. Better Than Down Bomber
A style that is on-trend for a number of different fashion styles, the bomber jacket has a timeless appeal that is easy to style. This iteration of the bomber jacket keeps you warm with 3M Thinsulate without adding too much bulk.
25. Brave The Elements Shell
shell layer is essential for anyone who anticipates facing the elements. It will keep you protected from wind and rain, and its lightweight design can easily be packed and brought with you just in case.
26. Crosstown Bomber
The stylish appeal of the bomber jacket in a lighter weight. You'll choose this off the hook for evening dinners, a day of travel, and as a warm-up jacket for the gym.
27. Better Than Down Vest
A vest becomes an essential item in your athleisure wardrobe the minute you realize how practical it is and the number of ways it can be worn. Style it as an outer layer under a hoodie or long sleeve, or wear it as a mid-layer under a jacket. A stylish vest means you'll always have the right amount of layers for whatever the weather is.

Athleisure Essentials Have You Covered

Creating a wardrobe of athleisure essentials will support an active and busy lifestyle while ensuring you're always comfortable and always stylish. Build your collection piece by piece, and eventually, you can always leave the house in your favorite athleisure essentials.
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